Has anyone everhad major problems witha high st pc

  theDarkness 14:13 24 Jun 2005

I just wondered after having problems with my overheating clicking hd and one failing motherboard if anyone else has ever had problems with a Time, Computer World or other major store built machine- am I right in thinking that all the big bods such as Computer World, PC World and Dell etc all regularly use cheap components? My poorly contructed system together with a mere 100W psu and practically no ventilation -with a case fan that blowed inward!- wouldve seemed to suggest so!

Could this be why their computers are usually sold at a low price - but for an unfortunately cheap system in every sense? If anyone else has had any similar experiences Id like to know! If I ever buy another system again then Im going to do so by building the entire thing myself from scratch- is this the better or even cheapest option?

  Terry Brown 14:25 24 Jun 2005

Machines are built to a price, so a cheaper version will use cheaper parts, however have you tried the following, ---1--Fitting another fan obtainable from maplins click here or trying it in a place where there is better ventilation or awaw from direct sunlight.

  jessie .x..x.x 14:30 24 Jun 2005

I have always built my pc,s from scratch therefore i always know i am getting a decent quality PSU, motherboard and good quality memory.
Its so simple to do aswell !!!!


450w true power PSU ( antec)
`Crucial` memory
Abit Motherboard
Pioneer 109 DVD writer


  theDarkness 14:49 24 Jun 2005

terry - Ive now attached a case fan that blows outwards and a front fan that blows cool air in (its a 120mm fan which doesnt actually fit the front of my Time pc case, no fan does, but its blowing a reasonable amount in which is better than nothing I guess. Better than before, hds are down to 30-35C and athlon processor doesnt seem to get hotter than 55C when running at max (45-49C idle).

I didnt think that my Time built machine was even that cheap at the time though - now a 2 yr old pc - 1600mhz athlon 512mb ram 80gig hd, cd writer/dvd reader - £899 with a 2 yr repair service that got bad press a while back for not giving your money back if nothing went wrong with your machine. My pc came with a measely 100W psu and via motherboard with no seperate graphics or sound cards. Most shockingly they dont advise you on having to upgrade your psu if you ever needed to add any new parts to your system.

  theDarkness 14:51 24 Jun 2005

...or upgrade your ventilation for that matter, having the air blowing in from the case fan did not help the processor, overall m'board or hd temps at all

  mosfet 16:54 24 Jun 2005

If the psu really is 100w I am very puzzled to say the least.

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