Has Anyone Else Hasd Tis Email

  Demora 22:55 06 May 2005


Today I recieved an email from supposedly Lloyds TSB. asking me for my username, account details, password and security question. Now whats even stranger is I don't bank with Lloyds TSB.

Am just wondering what the devil to do with it (I know delete) BUT surely this most be a warning to anyone who uses Lloyds


  woodchip 22:56 06 May 2005

delete it

  Demora 23:02 06 May 2005

I was actually wonderiong if I should telephone Lloyds as this could be something they probably don't know about. or at least add to the amount of people that have already (maybe) called it in


  justme 23:04 06 May 2005

This is a typical scam to get your bank details and password. Delete it and ignore it.

On a more general note, never access your bank account via a link in an e-mail. No bank will ever ask for these details and if you connect via a link in an e-mail you will most probably end up at a site which to all intents looks exactly like your bank site , but of course it will not be your bank.

Any time you want to access your bank always do it by the normal method.

  DieSse 23:05 06 May 2005

I wouldn't bother really - there are loads of these floating around - some purporting to come from banks I've never even heard of - all the banks are well aware of them by now. Just delete it would be my advice.

  GroupFC 23:05 06 May 2005

I use lloyds internet banking and, as I am sure is common with other major banks, their site is full of warnings not to respond to such e-mails.

As woodchip and you yourself say, just delete it.

Although I agree it is a warning to others but, imho, anyone to responds to e-mails such as this get all they deserve (heaven knows there are enough warnings out there about such things)!

  Demora 00:00 07 May 2005

It was just the fact I don't use Lloyds. and I don't use internet banking at all.


  The Electric Monk 00:18 07 May 2005

I get them at work all the time from lloyds, abbey, natwest, barclays and lord knows who else. If your bank needs to contact you they will do it by snail mail, if you get an email that is supossed to be from a bank, put it in the bin as quickly as possible as most of them these days connect to the web as soon as they are opened.

  octal 08:17 07 May 2005

This is an example of the site you go through to if you click on the link, and don't worry this is a screen shot, not the actual link: click here Don't click on any links in those sort of emails because they can install spyware as well.

  Legolas 12:29 07 May 2005

octal I know its a serious issue but I had to laugh when I viewed your screenshot and seen that they ask for your pin number I even hide that from myself never mind give it out online

  p;3 12:50 07 May 2005

you laugh:) but folks will do just that if they know no better , or think that they do know better than others, will carry on , then get caught:)

I am with Lloyds and sufficiently savvey to know that I should not receive a mail from them; letters yes, but not mails:)

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