Has anyone else ever had this problem with BT.

  23790954 17:54 27 Nov 2008

As I am paying BT around £40.00 per month for my broadband/telephone package, after reviewing several ISP's, I decided to call it a day with BT, and opt for a cheaper option. To do this I had to approach BT for my MAC code, which I did via 'e' mail. Imagine the shock I received when they sent me my MAC code, together with a letter, warning me that I was in contract until MAY 2009, and would have to pay a fee of £45.00 to leave them.
I have in my possession my original contract, which states that it is for a term of 12 MONTHS,
and my broadband was activated on 10th August 2007. This would mean that my 12 MONTH contract finished on 10th August, 2008, so why the extra charge.
I just wondered if anyone else had been approached by BT in this manner. One thing for sure, I will NEVER EVER go back to them.
For anyone thinking about going to BT, please be warned.

  bluto1 18:16 27 Nov 2008

I would make a copy of the contract and send it to the appropriate department of BT with a polite letter suggesting that they might be mistaking you for someone else. £45.00 is £45.00 so don't alienate them.
Most contracts with BT are now 18 months, but they'd have to notify you of such a change to your contract.

  ronalddonald 18:20 27 Nov 2008

to the small claims court if they are in breach of contract, but first contact them and tell them what you have posted here. It must be some mistake on their system.

If you go to another isp go for one that uses a usb dongle rather than a tel phone line. It could also be the terms and conditions they have in the small print ie take the offer at this price for the first 3 months and then at this price thereafter and must be in contract if you take the offer foe this x amount of period.

  tullie 18:39 27 Nov 2008

Forget the small claims court,you can i am sure sort it with BT,as for the dongle,thats fine for on the move access,depending on the signal,it is a lot slower also and you are severely restricted on downloads.Ok for some i suppose,but not the majority.Definetly not the way i would go.Also the charges are very high if you go over your deownload limit.

  Switcher 19:34 27 Nov 2008

You may have inadvertantly extended your contract by accepting some sort of upgrade. When I was asked if I wanted to go up from 2 to 8Mb/s I had to agree in the small print to take a new 18 months contract.

  skidzy 19:41 27 Nov 2008

Switcher may well have hit the nail on the head.When i upgraded my broadband speed,i indeed extended the contract for another 12 months,this is part of the deal.

Maybe thats something else to look into.

  laurie53 19:45 27 Nov 2008

Since you have a copy of your contract, ask them for a copy of theirs.

One of you is bound to be wrong!

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