Has anyone bought an HP T160 computer

  3tg 00:03 30 Dec 2003

I posted this in the consumer room by mistake. If anyone has this computer, may I ask you a couple of questions about it ? Cheers

  Gongoozler 07:45 30 Dec 2003

Why not ask the question anyway?

  3tg 19:37 30 Dec 2003

I had been looking at the new Sony PW10. you can record Tv programs ( via the hard drive) as the salesman explained. However I decided it was not for me having been advised on this very helpfull forum that the grafics card was not so good.
I have on order the Hp T160 which has a dvd r/rw and a tv card/tuner. I wondered if I can do the same with this computer ?. I hope you dont think this is a silly question. Cheers

  3tg 09:44 31 Dec 2003


  Gongoozler 10:53 31 Dec 2003

Hi 3tg, I've never tried recording tv programmes on a computer, but I'll make some comments anyway in the hopes that someone else will then come in on the discussion.

The HP T160 is certainly powerful enough for this purpose, and has a tv tuner built in. The graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX-440, which is quite good for anything except the fastest games (this card retails for about £45 without the tv tuner). 512M of memory is just about enough, but 1G would be better for such graphics intensive applications, and onboard AC'97 sound is about as cheap and nasty as you can get anywhere. I don't know how much tv can be stored on an 80G hard drive, but 120G wouldn't cost that much more, or you could add another large hard drive just for tv recording. If you use the built-in card reader to store digital photos, you will be surprised at how quickly a hard drive can fill up.

The T160 uses a micro-atx motherboard, and so will have little room for future expansion. I don't really like many of the offerings from HP because they are not upgrade friendly. They are perfectly good machines as long as you are happy to keep them "as delivered". Being a tinkerer I prefer to have a computer with lotsd of expansion slots and room in the box to get at them.

I will be interested to hear of other forum members' comments.

  3tg 14:04 01 Jan 2004

Happy New year !. Thanks for that advice, I think the Hp160 will be enough for me. I have compared it with the Sony and they both have something lacking. I don't use it for games and I dont save my pictures on the computer (once bitten twice shy !). My knowledge is not suffient to upgrade etc.Many thanks for your help. Cheers

  Gongoozler 16:05 01 Jan 2004

Hi 3tg. I'm sure the HP T160 will be fine for your purposes, and if you find you need more hard drive space, you'll get plenty of advice here to help you fit one. I would recommend getting more memory fitted when you buy the computer though. 1G of DDR will help make graphics intensive applications run very smoothly, and shouldn't cost too much as an upgrade.

  3tg 19:59 13 Jan 2004

Received my T160 2nd January, today we had to return it to the store as the sound was cutting out after two minutes on the TV part. I have had a few problems with it that I wont go into, but you were quite right about the soundcard it was awfull so while they have got it in, I have have asked them to install a better card, Creative the same as in my old computer and it is quite satifactory. Once again thank you for your comments, cheers

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