Has anybody used Photo Bucket?

  geek84 09:12 17 Aug 2013

Hi Folks

Has anybody used photo bucket before?

If so, could someone explain what the links below mean, which are located on the right hand side of the image mean.

The links are:

Email & IM Direct HTML IMG


  Chronos the 2nd 10:21 17 Aug 2013

Taking a look in the help section, which is top left of main Photobucket page, I came across this which should answer your question.

  wiz-king 08:38 18 Aug 2013

They are links which you can copy and paste and lead to the picture. I depends on the formatting of where you are putting the picture which one you use.

  lotvic 18:22 18 Aug 2013

I don't recommend photobucket anymore, after having had access to full albums from a direct link posted on a forum. (Nice elephant wiz-king, but who broke the chair?)

  rdave13 21:50 18 Aug 2013

Photobucket is ok so long as you keep your albums private. click here

  lotvic 23:03 18 Aug 2013

rdave, Fair enough when viewing your pic (link in your post) then I click on your library link (above the pic) it tells me library is private, then there are the links in the boxes at the side for sharing the pic. However, are you sure that is the page you meant to be displayed when posting a direct link? The weird thing is that the second time I click on your link I get what I consider to be a proper direct link (just the pic and the rest of page is dark grey/black) and nothing is there for me to click on.

  rdave13 23:55 18 Aug 2013

lotvic I'll have a look now as I've logged out.

  rdave13 23:59 18 Aug 2013

Clicking on the link I see the dire camera photo of the monitor and nothing else. Not even a link to my private libraries. Backgorund is white.

  rdave13 00:00 19 Aug 2013

Backgorund? A new word is heralded....

  rdave13 00:10 19 Aug 2013

lotvic , going from the Photobucket address bar and doing a Google search I came up with this.

At the time I uploaded the image 'paragon image' my number three album wasn't private.

  lotvic 21:40 19 Aug 2013

rdave, I reckon there is a glitch in Photobucket. Your dire photo of monitor screen, the first time I click on your link I get This and the second time I get this

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