Has anybody got an Xp Pro cd to lend me please?

  buel 21:57 29 May 2009

Hi, im sorry to be a pain in the proverbial but my brother has brought a pc with a wiped h.d from an auction(i believe this is a requirement when selling at an auction?) and it has an Xp Pro sticker on it, i would love to install xp pro for my brother who does deserve it but first i need an xp pro disk. Please can anyone be kind enough to lend me an xp pro disk?

  bluto1 22:45 29 May 2009

And it couldn't even be demonstrated at the auction. You might need to know what SP was loaded, ie SP2 or SP3. I don't even know if that matters but hopefully someone will be here to tell us.

I've got XP Pro with SP2, and it's my own copy, not a M/S original. It's authentic so you'd have to use the COA that's attached to your brother's PC. Find out what you can first about what was on his PC.

  cream. 23:17 29 May 2009

My XP pro is SP1.

If you want a copy WITHOUT the COA;-) let me know.

  laurie53 07:40 30 May 2009

You may find, if it's a retail copy, that the original owner has already installed his copy of the o/s onto the replacement.

The copy of XP on my current PC was originally on another, which still has the sticker on it.

When you come to activate, either automatically or by phone, MS will tell you that you can only install on one computer.

  Taff™ 10:17 30 May 2009

In my experience I`ve always been able to reload XP Pro from an OEM XP Pro SP2 disc and used the COA from the sticker on the machine - it usually says if it is an OEM version. Sometimes, because its an OEM disc and the code is for a full retail version the authentication has to be done over the phone but never had a problem. Once installed you need to install SP3 which I also have on a disc and saves installing countless updates, swiftly followed by the 40+ updates since SP3!

  buel 10:48 30 May 2009

WoW, thanks Bluto1 and Cream, which option should work then? Bluto1's cd with SP2 or Cream's SP1??

  Taff™ 11:57 30 May 2009

I`ve already answered that one!

  cream. 12:48 30 May 2009

You could take up both offers and try them. If Bluto1 is doing what I will do, i.e. just make a copy of the original disk, you just have a coaster unless you can input a valid 25 digit code or you CAN run windows for 30 days before it shut's you out.

PS just a word of advice. If you receive a disk from anyone, me including, make sure you scan that disk for nasties before you load it on a system. This in no way implies that anyone would send you an infected disk :-)), it's just good housekeeping and can narrow down any problems in the future.

  buel 15:51 30 May 2009

Brilliant advice Cream, thank you! Ok, hoe do i contact you?
Thank you for this!!

  cream. 17:26 30 May 2009

You click on the yellow envelope next to the person's name you wish to send a message to. You can then send details to where you want the disks sending.

  bluto1 19:18 30 May 2009

How do I make a copy of my disc. When I got this PC in early May this CD, a copy, was handed to me, with the 25 digit code written on it.

buel, you're welcome to use it if you wish, with the constraint that you must not use my code to activate. If you do then Microsoft will declare it illegal and limit your use of it to 30 days.

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