Has any one tried locatemylaptop

  andy63walsh 13:46 20 Sep 2011

Hi. Does any know know if www.locatemylaptop.com/ are any good?

  birdface 16:52 20 Sep 2011

Not sure if they are any good or not but no Ratings from WOT or Avast Webrep meens it must be a new Web Site.

It does not meen it is a bad site just a new one with very few ratings.

  birdface 17:03 20 Sep 2011

LocateMyLaptop.com makes a free version of the Services available in order to allow users to evaluate the Services prior to purchasing. By agreeing to this Agreement and purchasing the Services, you acknowledge that you are aware of this opportunity to "try before you buy" and have either taken advantage of the opportunity or opted not to do so with full information. Because of this opportunity to evaluate prior to purchase, LocateMyLaptop.com does not offer refunds to its subscribers except in the event of billing errors.

Payment methods seem a bit iffy as well and only an e-mail address to contact them.

I would check out their Terms of Use | Privacy Policy before thinking about it.

  rawprawn 17:09 20 Sep 2011

Try Prey

  compumac 17:23 20 Sep 2011

rawprawn I had seen reviews about Prey but not by anyone who actually used it. What is your take on this?

  rawprawn 18:20 20 Sep 2011

compumac I have been using Prey for about 18 months fortunately not in anger. If you go to the site after downloading and setting up there is a report which gives you the status.Look here at FAQ,s. Sorry I cannot be more positive until someone steals my laptop.

  compumac 18:23 20 Sep 2011

rawprawn Give me your address and leave the front door (or back door) unlocked.

  KimWon 17:50 22 Sep 2011

i have been using LocateMyLaptop.com for few months now. the service itself is cheap (even the premium one on a month to month is only $3 month) and reliable. works like a charm. i think of it as a cheap insurance. what would be nice is to have an online backup/restore in case of theft. hope this helps. cheers.

  birdface 18:41 22 Sep 2011


And you joined this Forum just to tell us that.

Thats a bit more than I would have done.

  birdface 18:47 22 Sep 2011

Maybe a bit harsh.

I certainly would not have joined a Forum just to post an answer.

But I suppose everyone is not like me.


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