Has any any views on Dell outlet

  KRONOS the First 07:28 25 May 2012

The continuing saga of the first laptop I have ever purchased. original threads.

not to put to fine a point on it this Samsung is a piece of c**p, for two days now i have been trying to install 24 updates which want to do there thing when I shut down the PC, yet many hours later I might have managed 1 update.So its a forced shut down and restart to see if I can fix what ever ails it but no. So off back it goes to John Lewis at 9AM this morning.

Hence my thread title, anyone have any experience with this?

I have probably not posted this in time to give anyone an opportunity to answer as as stated I am returning the laptop at 9AM. Painting a PC case today so need plenty of time without interruptions.

  birdface 08:43 25 May 2012

You might get one without an operating system from Dell or Novatech.It would obviously be cheaper without the operating system and Amazon sell the O/S fairly cheap.

Updates.It was probably SP1 that was causing the delay or the net Frameworks they take ages to download.Also there were problems with some of the last updates from Microsoft.

It is easy enough getting a desktop without an operating system but not so easy with laptops.

Worth a read I suppose although it is 2 years old.


  Woolwell 09:56 25 May 2012

Almost all, if not all, of the major manufacturers supply their systems with "bloatware". They usually include trial versions of anti-virus and MS Office plus other bits and pieces. I would expect a Dell from their outlet store to come with McAfee. The opposite extreme to this is a new system I recently bought which only came with the OS and without specialised burning software.

The way I deal with this is install all of the Windows Updates then remove what I don't want.

Surprised that you are having this problem with the Samsung.

My preferred laptop brands are Toshiba and Acer. But I would consider a Dell outlet. If you are after a refurbished laptop then have a look at the clearance outlets eg Morgan Computers, Dixons, Comet, etc

  KRONOS the First 10:14 25 May 2012


It is not so much that I am looking for a refurbished unit as such,but by doing so I can probable up the specs somewhat possibly to an i5 or at least an i3.


Not sure why you think i am looking for a laptop without an OS and updates,the Samsung came with SP1 already installed and most of the other updates installed fairly quickly. For some reason it did not like the lat 24.

No matter it has been returned an refund issued, though the guy in John Lewis tried to convince me that SP3 was a lengthy download even after I pointed out that there has only been SP1 for Windows 7,unless of course I have missed something since it was released?

Back to research, but I think that I might put together some extra cash to insure that I can get a reasonably powered laptop.

  rdave13 11:16 25 May 2012

As buteman suggested have a look at Novatech's 14" laptops. No OS in the prices and I can't see the battery life in the specs. Worth a look if 14" screen not too large.

  KRONOS the First 11:44 25 May 2012

Three more to add to the pot.



Novatech. I quite like the look of this one and I am quite surprised to find this so thanks to buteman and rdave13. Bit more than I was looking to spend but not totally out of range. Could probably get this today except the paint for a case mod is going to cost a few quid and this project is behind schedule as it is.

  spuds 19:07 25 May 2012

Back to your original question regarding Dell Outlet. There are a number of outlets for Dell 'refurbished,returns' and discontinued products, so make sure who you might be dealing with. Some bulk buy from Dell. Dell do have their own direct outlet, but I think they now use another trading name for that.If you check eBay, you will find most of the major companies (Belkin, Comet, Tesco etc), including Dell have outlets or shops on that site. But some times they might take a little finding, due as mentioned by name change or trading arrangements.

Another suggestion that I would make, is check the prices, terms and conditions on the various outlets, because they can differ on the same or similar product.

  rdave13 20:35 25 May 2012

How's the painting getting on Chronus?

The problem with having a fast Desktop and trying to buy a decent small Laptop is that things seem to be much slower (usually is) and that is the problem. Although my netbook is OK, and have been used to it's limitations, it's still crap compared to the desktop. This will happen unless you spend an horrendous amount on a true gaming laptop. As it is the DOT S finds it's own worth when helping out friends who only have one PC, laptop or a Desktop to fix. The size is handy just to start with but at least I can connect. Surprising the amount of people only have one PC.It's a tool for me and nowt else. The Windows of my eye is the Desktop. (Can't use Apple in that phrase obviously :) )

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