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hardwired cable add wifi laptop

  BODS 19:26 05 Aug 2015

hi, my virgin cable broadband is connected via virgin modem, ethernet cable to router to my main pc(hardwired). I would like to keep this setup but add new pc/laptop via wireless. What will I need if possile

  northumbria61 12:23 06 Aug 2015

For a PC you will need to have a Wireless card installed internally (1) or a USB Wireless Adapter (2) to plug into a USB Port. Your laptop should be wireless enabled and will connect to Router using your Wireless Password Key.

  1. PC Wireless Card 2. Edimax USB Wireless Adapter

There are other makes readily available, I have just used these as examples. The USB ones work perfectly well and would save you the bother of opening your case to install an internal card.

  northumbria61 12:28 06 Aug 2015

Another suggestion - If you have USB 3.0 ports then this one is also dual band, 2.4 or 5.0Ghz Edimax UBB 3.0 Dual Band Wireless Adapter

  BODS 20:44 07 Aug 2015

hi, need to use wifi router for laptop but keep main pc hardwired via cable

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