hardware upgrade - but what about XP?

  iamalipaul 23:13 05 Jan 2005

I fancy getting half life 2, but my amd 1700 and ati card are probably not up to it. I am thinking of upgrading CPU M/B and Graphics but not the HDD.

I have XP pro, will it pick up the new kit or will I have to reformat and install? Im sure someone has had to do this and wopuld appreciate your thoughts and experience.

searched for a similar thread yesterday but no luck, (probably used the wrong key words).

thanks in anticipation

  steven_frost 23:16 05 Jan 2005

when changing motherboard cpu etc it's better to do a clean install saves on alot of problems

  THE TERMINATOR 00:02 06 Jan 2005

You should have no problem making the changes you spcify. XP should boot up as normal. As for HL2 your AMD 1700 is only 1.4GHZ see below....TT

the minimum spec would be a 1.2GHz powered PC with 256MB RAM, Win 98/ME/2000/XP and a DirectX 7 compatible graphics card.

But for those who want to see the game running in all its glory, be prepared to spec up to around a 2.4 GHz machine, with 512MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP and a DirectX 9 capable graphics card.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:04 06 Jan 2005

And I'd make that card at least 128 MB....TT

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