Hardware and software firewalls.

  ivesy 11:50 23 Apr 2006

I have a Wireless D-Link router which comes with a hardware firewall. As I can get a bit paranoid about dodgy things getting onto my system I also use a software firewall.

The question I have here is when a program wants to access the internet I get a message from the software firewall asking if it's ok to let it connect, you select yes or no and that's it. But how does the hardware firewall know this? To my knowledge I've never had a message from it asking to give permission to a program to access the interent.

If i didn't have the software firewall would I be just as safe? I assumed I was. Thinking about it the only time a program has mentioned the hardware firewall was when I played Battle for Middle Earth online and the program asked if it could change the firewall to allow the game to play online.

I'd be grateful for any help here.

  AndySD 11:59 23 Apr 2006

Most hardware firewalls (home use) come configured to allow connections in on some common ports, but allow all outgoing connections. I blocked all outgoing, except port 80 then started the programs I wanted to use and aded their ports as the server logged to access attempts. There is bound to be a simpler way I am sure.

  ivesy 13:01 23 Apr 2006

Thanks for that Andy. I'm too sure how I configure my routers firewall I'd guess it's probably easier for the likes of me to persevere with the software firewall!

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