Hardware or software firewall

  terryf 02:26 18 Sep 2006

I have a hardware firewall in my router. It has been suggested in this forum that hardware and software firewalls have differences. It has also been stated that you shouldn't have 2 software firewalls. Should I consider adding a freebie software firewall?

  howard63 06:37 18 Sep 2006

I like the belt and braces approach yes get a free software firewall to work alongside the hardware one. My motherboard also has certain firewall like properties and I have the anti hacking set active as well.

  silverous 09:47 18 Sep 2006

2 software firewalls is overkill and potentially will lead to conflicts. A hardware and a software one is sometimes advised because your hardware firewall allows you to browse so would also allow anything nasty that got on your PC to browse/post data to the net as if it was you. A software firewall can be interactive so it will pop up and say "do you want to allow x to do this"?

I once got caught out with a freshly installed windows 2000 server inadvertently on the net - it had zonealarm on it and prompted me that something was trying to download software on to my machine. It was only a test machine so not an issue but was interesting to see how quick it can happen.

I just use a hardware one as I'm pretty careful with my machine, if in doubt or concerned use software and hardware but not 2 software.

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