Hardware not installing - Help!

  BurghBhoy 20:25 20 Aug 2008

Recently bought a new mobile phone & new Ipod, already had Itunes installed for my Ipod & had software installed for my samsung mobile. Never had problems with my previous Ipod or mobile phones connecting to my PC but my 2 new devices are not being recognised by my PC!
When I plug the USBcables in I get the message "Cannot install this hardware - there was a problem installing this hardware, an error occured during the installation of the device, the data is invalid"
Cant work out what Im doing wrong , never had this problem before. The only difference is I have installed Macafee security since getting them. Any help Appreciated!

  Ditch999 22:06 22 Aug 2008

You should also reboot after deleting all entries.

  Ditch999 22:15 22 Aug 2008

Look for USB Mass Storage Device and in Disk Drives as well for starters.

  BurghBhoy 22:23 22 Aug 2008

My apologies!

Im on Windows XP

  BurghBhoy 22:35 22 Aug 2008

Have called up all devices in device manager, removed all entries that mention USB mass storage device, ipod or Sony ericsson & still when I plug my new ipod in I get the Found new hardware" followed by the response "This hardware cannot be installed" "The data is invalid"

So frustrating as Ive never come across this before. I have removed MacaFee security & also uninstalled & re-installed itunes

  BurghBhoy 18:03 23 Aug 2008

Still no joy :(

  nutty boy 22:29 04 Jan 2009

Not sure if you have sorted this problem but I have the same problem.My laptop does not see the new Ipod touch.Having searched it would apear service pack 2 & 3 can cause devices not to be seen.I have tried to find a hotfix but struggling.Did you solve problem?

  Sam Witch 11:53 10 Feb 2009

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