Hardware not installing - Help!

  BurghBhoy 20:25 20 Aug 2008

Recently bought a new mobile phone & new Ipod, already had Itunes installed for my Ipod & had software installed for my samsung mobile. Never had problems with my previous Ipod or mobile phones connecting to my PC but my 2 new devices are not being recognised by my PC!
When I plug the USBcables in I get the message "Cannot install this hardware - there was a problem installing this hardware, an error occured during the installation of the device, the data is invalid"
Cant work out what Im doing wrong , never had this problem before. The only difference is I have installed Macafee security since getting them. Any help Appreciated!

  MsTechie 20:49 20 Aug 2008

Sorry to state the obvious but if the only thing you have changed is installing McAfee then try uninstalling it and trying again, at least if it still doesn't work you know Mcafee isn't to blame.

  BurghBhoy 09:49 21 Aug 2008

Thanks, I will try that.

Excuse my ignorance but why would my anti-virus prevent me from installing hardware??

  DieSse 12:16 21 Aug 2008

"why would my anti-virus prevent me from installing hardware??"

It could interfere with updating certain critical files, thinking that this is "virus-like" activity.

  BurghBhoy 14:13 21 Aug 2008

I uninstalled my Macafee anti-virus & still have the same problem.
One of the messages I get when I try to install my Ipod is "This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)"
Does anyone know how I can fix this?

  Ditch999 16:51 21 Aug 2008

"Recently bought a new mobile phone & new Ipod,"

Your PC might think that it is your old phone and old iPod but its not. You need to uninstall the old ones from Device Manager

At the command prompt, type "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" (without quotes) and press Enter. You won't get a prompt in response; the command prompt will stay blank. At the same instance of the command prompt, type "start devmgmt.msc" (no quotes) and press Enter. The Device Manager will launch in a separate window. Now, enable the Device Manager to show ghosted devices by clicking View then Display Hidden Devices.
Right click and uninstall all entries relating to phones or iPods.

  BurghBhoy 18:01 21 Aug 2008

Really appreciate the help Ditch999, I can get into Device manager but I dont see the command prompt where I type in the details?? I cant see my old ipod or mobile in the list & that includes when i show hidden devices?
Excuse my ignorance on the subject, but just cant seem to get it right!!

Thanks again

  BurghBhoy 20:34 22 Aug 2008

Would uninstalling & re-installing itunes help????

  Ditch999 21:05 22 Aug 2008

Open a command prompt by going Start>Run>cmd or Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt and follow on from there; then use the same command prompt to open Device Manager as per my instructions.

Do not open Device Manager through control panel or any other way or it wont work.

As you dont say what your OS is I cant be more specific.

  BurghBhoy 21:29 22 Aug 2008

Managed to open device manager via the way you explained, deleted what I thought was related to previous ipod & phone but still getting the same message, saying hardware could not be installed as data is invalid!

What is OS ditch???

  Ditch999 22:05 22 Aug 2008

Operating System eg Vista, XP

Did you look through ALL the entries in device manager, not just under USB?

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