A hardware mystery.

  Brollah 14:39 04 Mar 2005

Well.. I've been having a lot of problems. I decided to build myself a new computer to replace my 3.2P4 system that I built last march. I decided on a 3500+ Winchester skt939, bought an Asus Av8 Deluxe motherboard and an MSI 6800GT. Got the equipment and quite obviously began building.

Only to find out the computer didn't start, didn't boot, didn't do anything. So I obviously check all the connections again. No problems there..

About 3 hours later I press the power button again, just to see if there's a change. Suddenly the computer boots up, only the bios gives an audio warning along the liens of 'No CPU found'. about 3 minutes later, the motherboard decides to explode. A FET just went boom. Motherboard sent straight back. A week later I recieve my replacement, process starts again.. only the system doesn't boot up [i]again[/i]. I assumed it was the processor, made a bit of logical sense. Processor went back..

Recieved the processor today, placed it into the [i]new[/i] motherboard. Only to find out nothing is still not turning on -_-

I've built computers before, I keep myself constantly grounded. I just can't work out why this is happening. I've tested the PSU, it's all good. it's a 400w, so it's powerful enough to run the 6800GT. Fortunately the 6800GT hasn't been damaged.

Has anybody got [i]any[/i] theories? I'm willing to try anything here. Assuming you've read this far, thank you, very very much. Even more so if you can shead any light on my very frustrating situation.

  Yoda Knight 14:43 04 Mar 2005

do the fans come on ?

  €dstowe 14:43 04 Mar 2005

Check carefully to see if any parts of the case - including m/b support pillars are not in contact with any "live" part of the motherboard. This includes the peripherals sockets at the back.

  Brollah 14:44 04 Mar 2005

No, although there is a slight, and I mean a big 'slight' whir, but i can't even locate where it comes from, not the VGA, none of the fans and the cpu fan doesn't even budge.

  Yoda Knight 14:48 04 Mar 2005

i would suspect the psu if ur fans dont come on

  Brollah 14:50 04 Mar 2005

i'm 98% certain the case is perfectly grounded, nothing seems out of the ordinary there.

  Brollah 14:50 04 Mar 2005

it's definietly not the PSU, for a start I've tried two, and they both work on other computers.

  aceofbass 14:50 04 Mar 2005

This might sound obvious but have you reset the Bios jumper or removed the MoBo Battery to clear bios settings?

Manufacturers' bios settings can be the cause of refusal to boot. I have found that clearing the bios is often a way to get started.

  pipedream 14:54 04 Mar 2005

Although the graphics card is OK, may be worth trying another (even an old PCI one). Could the memory be duff (although I guess this wouldn't prevent it booting)? I guess the power switch & other flying leads are connected to the correct places on the motherboard? If there are any other PCI cards, try removing them too. Could you try another PSU just in case?

  Brollah 14:57 04 Mar 2005

Tried two PSUs, both are guarenteed okay. I don't currently have any PCI cards in place. The ram is new, but I also tried a 512mb PC3200 stick i can also guarentee is okay. I've just shorted the bios jumper as well as tried without the battery. Nothing's making any difference :-\

  Yoda Knight 15:35 04 Mar 2005

try turn on with out the graphics card in.
Check the cpu is seated correctly

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