Hardware installation wizard

  irvin 07:51 13 Mar 2009

Can anyone help? after boot up the hardware wizard comes saying install SCCI/Raid Host controller. So I click next. Then it says installing ATCY 45J4 IDE.
Then I get an error message The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
1 does anybody know what this is about?
2 How can I stop the wizard coming on screen.
I am a novice so any help would be appreciated.


  lotvic 23:46 13 Mar 2009

^ (just bumping this to top of list for you)

  irvin 09:17 14 Mar 2009

Thanks for that.

  irvin 09:31 14 Mar 2009

I forgot to say the system is windows XP

  march 11:32 14 Mar 2009


saw these on web do they help in anyway?

click here

click here

if not at least your bumped

  irvin 14:58 15 Mar 2009

Thanks March. Still trying!!!

  irvin 15:14 15 Mar 2009

Hi brundle,
I think I have cured the problem. I deleted deimon tools. Then I deleted the driver manually from the device driver. I hope this does not cause a further problem. Many thanks to you all

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