Hardware identities

  redeyenewby 11:26 13 Sep 2012

I have just installed a new OS and I find my Hardware alphabetic identities have changed. How can I reset the identities?

  KRONOS the First 12:52 13 Sep 2012

Can you explain a little more as I am confused?

Are you talking about hard-drives/optical drives or what?

  redeyenewby 01:42 14 Sep 2012

Chronus, I'm referring to all drives:- HDD, CDROM and additionally, USB slots.

  KRONOS the First 09:23 14 Sep 2012

As we are having to guess which OS you have changed to I am going to go with Windows 7 though why you feel that it is necessary to change drive letter assignments escapes me and I would be very interested in learning your reason.

Here are some instructions.

  redeyenewby 09:54 14 Sep 2012

Hi, Chronus, Thank you for the advice. The reason I wanted to correct - nit just chane - the drive letters is because, having installed XP SP3 the drive letters have a slight error (I have 2 drive L's and My Computer is showing drive letters which conflict with my Roxio.} I am hoping that carruing out your advice will rectify this anomaly. Thanks again.

  KRONOS the First 10:35 14 Sep 2012

So you did not install a new OS but just installed SP3 for XP and for some reason the service pack has altered the drive letter assignment. See how all is revealed when one has a little bit of info?

Much the same as Win 7 instructions.

  john bunyan 16:13 14 Sep 2012

Have a look at this thread. If you download the recommended Partition Manager, it makes it easy to change drive or partition letters.


This is a limited time offer BTW

  redeyenewby 12:51 19 Sep 2012

Chronus and John Bunyan, Thank you for your advice. The drive letters have corrected, just changed but no duplication. I can live with that! I;m having one or two problems at the moment. My Device manager tells me I have a problem with SM Controller. I have tried to download drivers but it won;t do it. Windows(when I shut down and left it) came up with a blue screen and a loaf of stuff saying that Windows had to shut down because of a problem with my PC. I had to hit the PC power off button because I couldn't do anything with the screen. I know I should really start a new thread for this - however!?

  KRONOS the First 13:45 19 Sep 2012

Is this what you are seeing if you go to device manager?

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