hardware fault

  suezvet 12:23 06 May 2005

can someone please advise me , i switched my pc on it started up but went nowhere ,just a black screen,no power to cd reader,changed the hard drive but still the same,

  Joe R 12:27 06 May 2005


sounds like your power supply may be "cooked".

  Pooke100 15:20 06 May 2005

What happened when you turned it on? What did you see, did it show the anything at all?

Was a case of you flicked the switch and nothing happened?

Also what kind of computer (hardware), what OS?

  suezvet 16:40 06 May 2005

os is xp

the fan is running , but just a black screen,there is power to the monitor,

  suezvet 16:50 06 May 2005

joe r, there is power to the monitor,and the fan is running , so ehere is the power supply

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 06 May 2005

Any led lit on case?

Fan on CPU running? as well as fan on PSU?


1. graphics card fully inserted in slot.

2. monitor cables fully plugged in

3. memory fully inserted (remove and replace)

Try restting the BIOS by the onboard jumper if fitted or by removing the CMOS battery for 30 seconds.

  suezvet 14:03 07 May 2005

any body know the symptoms of a mothboard burn out

  Joe R 14:12 07 May 2005


A power supply uses different voltages to send different power to the components, when, and as they need it, and if any one of these, does not work, you will need a new supply.

Have you got another one to try.?

I would suggest, trying a boot-up with only, one memory stick.

If you get a screen up, saying "no signal or cable not connected", it will suggest the problem is with your graphic card, if not the fault may be with anything from your, psu, to mobo and cpu.

  Joe R 14:14 07 May 2005


can you hear the hard drive turn when you boot.?

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