hardware detection problems

  User-3763C736-5DED-4203-B86E62483B62EDF8 15:20 14 Feb 2005

I have recently had to format my hard drive due to problems.
After reinstalling windows me as an upgrade version, I have found that my 2nd hard drive is not shown in my computer but is connected correctly and is shown in the computer setup.
Does anyone know how I can get it back and access the drive via My computer in windows

  scooby43 15:25 14 Feb 2005

does it show ur 2nd hdd by going into disk management. Try checking all the ide cables and power or even try a different ide cable or do you have sata.

  Totally-braindead 15:25 14 Feb 2005

Only suggestion I can offer is have a look in the BIOS and get it to detect the 2nd hard drive then hopefully when you restart it'll be there.

  harps1h 15:29 14 Feb 2005

you need to use windows own disk management.

go start/right click on my computer icon/click on manage and follow the prompts from there. it may neede to be reformatted also but you don't necessarily have to put an os on it if you are looking to store data only

I am currectly running win ME and i have checked the connections and even used the connections for my primary hard drive to check the cables are ok.
The 2nd hard drive is shown in the bios and in the system information section in windows, but it is not present in my computer as a logo that I can enter and explore and I have no access to the files stored on this drive.
Thanks so far for the help

  harps1h 16:17 14 Feb 2005

i'm afraid i have no experience of ME so anything now maybe a stab in the dark. have you tried a search of the microsoft knowledge base?

  harps1h 16:46 14 Feb 2005

what way was the missing disk previously formatted

  wobblymike 16:54 14 Feb 2005


I read between the lines that your drive is being seen in BIOS given this is so, the only way that a HDD would not be identified in my computer given that it isn't dead is if it was formatted in an incorrect way or not formatted at all - your main HDD presumably is formatted in FAT 32, are you sure that your 2nd drive is so formatted if not this could be your problem

  harps1h 16:58 14 Feb 2005

try this link its microsoft knowledge base and by the way the above post echoes mine but try this link first

click here

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