Hardware Conflicts

  aich 17:32 11 Jul 2004

Recently I have had a new motherboard fitted to my PC. I am running Windows XP Pro with 1 user and guest. I have USB Printer, Scanner, Broadband Modem, & Optical mouse attached. Also I have a Belkin USB Wireless adapter fitted. If I have the wireless adapter connected at start up the mouse, and sometimes the keyboard, freeze when the desktop appears. If I disconnect the adapter it releases the mouse, but if I connect it later the mouse freezes again. When I start up with the adapter disconnected I have no problems, if I then, after start up, connect the adapter it works! In fact I am now on my laptop writing this via the wireless adapter. I have checked the IRQ's and there does not appear to be a conflict. Can anyone help please?

  The PC Doctor 17:52 11 Jul 2004

Have you tried moving the card to the furthest slot away from mouse/keyboard plugs.

It won't make a difference to the plugs i just needed to identify which slot i meant by furthest away !

I also have radio mouse and keyboard and when I boot my laptop which sits next to the radio point both my keyboard/mouse stop until the laptop establish a network connection and then all works ok. It's just the signal strength interfering with your mouse etc

Sorry just re-read your post....

Try moving the radio access point somewhere else - furthest from your PC you can get it.

If that doesn't work, then it's a drivers problems. Sometime just re-installing the drivers works ok. You may have to un-install 1st at some point to get it all to work.

  aich 22:23 13 Jul 2004

Tried both ideas, but still no difference. Just before the mouse freezes a noise emmits from the speaker, if that helps.

  The PC Doctor 15:13 16 Jul 2004

Have been looking through your original post and it would seem that you have an awful lot of stuff running on usb ports.

Have you got them all switched on and working together as it may just be too much for your usb drivers/power.

Is there anything that can be run on anything other than usb? for example can your printer be run on a lpt port?

Have you connected to your router via LAN card or usb? LAN should always be used over usb as usb draws more power and processor time.

If I'm reading things right about all the usb stuff you have I would suggest this maybe causing the problem.

Have you checked all the other usb drivers - one maybe conflicting with another.

  Chegs ® 17:31 16 Jul 2004

Have a look in XP's error logs,see if it shows anything.I have had occasional glitches with a PCI modem and InCD,mouse and EasyCD Creator,SATA Controller and DVD-RW,which shows completely different hardware can be affected by ANY other software.The latest problem I found was if I reboot with one particular game CD in the CD-ROM,my ADSL connection is approx 10Kb/s slower.Without any other info to work with,its gonna be hard to identify your problem correctly.

If you have just the problem devices attached(unplug unused devices from USB)does it still misbehave? Or,can you use the keyboard to pilot down to the error log/resource manager to see if it shows a problem when the mouse is locked up.

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