Hardrive thrashing

  hiwatt 19:14 30 Dec 2008

Hi folks,using windows vista the hardrive is constantly thrashing away making a lot of noise.Whe I open up task manager it shows the culprit as being host process for windows service(svchost.exe) with the cpu running at over 20.Is there any way this can be stopped and what exactly is it doing?Thanks.

  hiwatt 10:52 31 Dec 2008

Thanks brundle.The first thing I did was turn off indexing but it made no difference.The hardrive's constantly working hard even when there's nothing being done on the computer.I've ran scans with all my "anti's" and the computer's clean.Any ideas?Thanks.

  sunnystaines 10:58 31 Dec 2008

read these links you are not alone

click here

  hiwatt 14:37 31 Dec 2008

Thanks for the links sunnystaines.I don't have the problem on my xp machine it's only on our vista machine.Do you know if it's a specefic service/feature that's causing it and if it can be disabled ata all?

  Procrastinus 15:09 31 Dec 2008

I had a similar problem to the one you describe:
Very noisy HDD data search.
I have a Dell 5100 and if by chance,you have the same model, get into the BIOS (clicking F2 on boot up), go to Performance > HDD Acoustic Mode and set to Quiet.
This facility may not be on all BIOS programmes, but worth a look.
Happy New Year.

  hiwatt 18:57 31 Dec 2008

It's a packard bell computer.Funnily enough it's quiet just now and no cpu is being used.I just wish I could find out exactly what it's doing.Happy new year to you by the way.

  woodchip 21:29 31 Dec 2008

It may be you AV thats running when no work is being done

  hiwatt 08:43 02 Jan 2009

I have 1gb of ram.I know this is the minimum recommended for vista.I opened resource monitor but I'm not really sure how to pin point exactly what's using it,just that up to 79% cpu is being used?Thanks.

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