hardrive size

  User-83140B2C-F0DA-412D-8351555C622D74FB 15:18 26 Nov 2004

please can anybody advise.just brought two dell inspiron 510m notebooks advitised as 40gb hard drive. on recipt checked hardrive properties to find is only 33.6gb. contacted dell to be told hard drives started out as 40gb then they are formatted which reduces them. i dont think this is right. as i oreded a 40gb hardrive surely i should get one.

  TomJerry 15:36 26 Nov 2004

40gb = 37.25GB, then about 3-4GB used by a hidden partion to keep recovery files.

math: 40/1.024/1.024/1.024=37.25, why 1G=1.024g, 1M=1.024m, 1K=1.024k (want more 1B=8b). Marketing people talk big letters and technical people (including windows) talk small letters.

  pj123 15:44 26 Nov 2004

I think I might agree with you here. From 40gb to 33.6gb does seem a bit excessive, if it is only a blank formatted disk. A 40gb disk is never exactly 40gb though because the manufacturer and computers add up differently. Manufacturers add in 1,000s and computers add up in 1024s. So a 40gb is probably somewhere around 38gb really, but even so that is still a difference of around 5gb. Obviously formatting a disk does lose some space, and also any O/S, programmes etc already installed will also take space. What applications do you have installed on them and would that add up to around 5gb?

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