Hardrive problem

  damib 11:40 10 Nov 2003

I have a second hard drive which is installed as the slave.
The drive is regognised but is only picked up as having 4.5gig when it is actually 40gig any ideas anyone?

thnx damien

  Smiler 11:46 10 Nov 2003

What op system? what hard drive? is it new? have you formatted it?

  Smiler 11:47 10 Nov 2003

What op system? what hard drive? is it new? have you formatted it? is it partitioned?

  damib 12:04 10 Nov 2003

op system is xp hardrive is ibm yes i have formatted it

  xania 13:21 10 Nov 2003

When you say its recognised but only as 4.5 gig, I assume you are referring to the initial screen with the BIOS report. Can you please go into your BIOS setup and make sure that your slave is set to AUTO - you may find that you have it wrongly set. Assuming that this is all correct, I then suggest you take a look at the hard disk using FDISK (yes - I do know that partition managers are more sophisticated, but lets look at basics) and check to see what it reports as the size disk and its partitions.

  damib 13:46 10 Nov 2003

bios settinngs seem ok and the reported size of drive is correct here. it is when i view the properties of the drive in explorer it reports only 4.5 gig. as far as i know it has not been partitioned

  damib 14:01 10 Nov 2003

mnaged to work it out i was actaully looking at a partition of the main hardrive & not the new drive.it had not been set up correctly in the system manager. thanks for you help damien

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