Hardrive has disappeared. How do i get it back?

  walking_alone 12:54 15 Mar 2005

About a year and a half ago a second hard drive was added to the pc to be used for extra storage.

The pc has just been restored back to its factory settings. As a result the hard drive is no longer visable in the 'My computer' window.

How do i get the hard drive to re-appear.

Please excuse my total lack of knowledge on this matter. The ps is running windows 98 (SE).

Grateful for any help received.

  Inky 13:46 15 Mar 2005

You need to get into the BIOS as it is booting up. I can never remember how to do it, but it's a case of pressing F1 or F4 or F8 or whatever your manual states.

There's an option to detect a hard drive which should be all you have to do as it will still be formatted from before.

  Gordal 19:56 15 Mar 2005

More often than not you need to press DEL whilst your machine is booting.

Ensure the spare drive is set as 'slave' and the Bios set to 'Auto'

  PA28 20:07 15 Mar 2005

.... and that both your hard drives are set to Auto in the BIOS.

  walking_alone 21:17 16 Mar 2005

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have gone into the bios but still no joy. Im not 100% im doing the right thing. Any chance someone could explain in a bit more detail?

I know all the connections inside the pc are correct.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:50 16 Mar 2005

When you boot the PC is both hard drive shown on the first screen?

If so it is being detected in BIOS.

If Not rebot look for message on how to enter setup (Press del to enter setup) press the appropriate key and the BIOS screen appears.

Check out this site
BIOS Settings
click here for more info

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