Hardrive advice

  hiwatt 12:27 31 Jul 2007

Hi folks,my current computer running xp has an 80gb hardrive.As there is only 24gb free and I store a lot of music files I'd like a bigger hardrive.I've also not got my data backed up so I'm thinking an external might be better?Could someone please recommend a good hardrive at an afordable price.Thanks.

  hastelloy 15:42 31 Jul 2007

I'd go for a standard hard drive in an enclosure. You could then put it it your machine at some time in the future. Seagate, Maxtor (same company now) and Western Digital are all good. Try looking on click here or click here or click here to compare prices.

  Quiet Life 16:36 31 Jul 2007

There is a lot to be said for a second internal drive. External drives need desk space connecting usb cable and you cannot back up your system and run Windows from an external drive.
With an internal drive you can clone your present C drive with XXclone and also have room for anything else in future. It gives a secure feeling to know your operating system is backed up and can be tested before it may needed.
If you want portability or to move files beteeen machines then the external drive has its uses.

  tullie 16:48 31 Jul 2007

Personaly i would have an external,you can back up your system to it using Paragon true image,or similer.

  FatboySlim71 16:53 31 Jul 2007

I agree; you can back your PC up on an external hard drive, I have done exactly that with my PC & external hard drive; I used Acronis True Image to do this task. I cannot understand what made you think that you could not back up on an external hard drive Quiet Life ?

  X™ 16:56 31 Jul 2007

DO what Quiet Life said, buy an External Hard Drive, or buy an internal hard drive and then buy an enclosure. Clone your hard drive to it, then put it in the enclosure. Then use it as normal, if you ever need to internally use it as your master hard drive.

  FatboySlim71 16:58 31 Jul 2007

An external hard drive is the easiest option if you do not wish to open your PC up to put an extra hard drive in. Basically with an external hard drive you just plug in the mains adapter; plug in the USB cable and your up and running.

I have 2 external hard drives on my PC; I have one which is used to back up my PC and the other I have my music on.

  X™ 16:59 31 Jul 2007

Also internal drives are alot quicker.

  Jak_1 17:25 31 Jul 2007

I have just bought a 250 Gig Samsung drive from Microdirect for £36.41 inc vat, had it formatted and in an enclosure box within 10 minutes. Excellent for backups.

  Quiet Life 17:40 31 Jul 2007

fatboyslim What I said was "you cannot back up your system and run Windows from an external drive" Windows will not run from an external drive without adaptation which is pretty complicated. Cloning your system to an internal drive gives you the advantage that you can test it working before it is needed.
I once backed up to an external drive using Acronis 7 and when I came to restore it would not recognise the drive. This fault was put right in later editions of Acronis but was of little use to me. XXclone works and is free.

  FatboySlim71 00:11 01 Aug 2007

Sorry for my misunderstanding Quiet Life.

I don't think external hard drives are slow; I was able to transfer 4.3 GB to my Western Digital My Book external hard drive via its Firefire connection in 2mins 30 secs; which personally I don't find slow. Also; I can take a FULL backup of my PC with Acronis True Image 10; the backup is 30GB and it takes 20 mins to back it up on to my Western Digital My Book external hard drive.

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