bobbybluenose 21:27 22 Mar 2008

Ive installed a h/d when i run it commands that i must reinstall windows how do i do this if the pc stops after the command

  MAJ 21:31 22 Mar 2008

Again, bobbybluenose, yo aren't giving enough info. It's like going into a car parts shop and asking for a cylinder-head gasket for a red car. Give more info.

  Jak_1 21:38 22 Mar 2008

What operating system? Did you slave the drive to the c drive, has the drive been formatted?

  bobbybluenose 21:39 22 Mar 2008

maj soz ok when i start the pc after instaling the h/d it runs for so long and then i get message saying you must install win again

  MAJ 21:41 22 Mar 2008

Is this a new hard drive?
Is it the only hard drive installed?
Is it a SATA Drive or an IDE drive?
Do you have Windows installed, if so, on which drive is it installed?

  bobbybluenose 21:57 22 Mar 2008

maj ive just put the old one back in this one got win on it and installed the one i was having probs with and all ok cheers

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