Hardly any automatic Restore points on my WinXP

  patrickbuckley 11:18 20 May 2005

My computer used to create automatic restore points over a couple of months. However, having had my homepage hijacked (still) and other problems with my computer since the highjack, I cannot Restore back beyond a few days. I click on the back month button to get to April and nothing happens. Any advice?

  keithlik 11:41 20 May 2005

XP usually creates auto restore points when you make significant changes so you need to find a point dated before the problem cropped up.
You need to check thoroughly for virus invasion and for spy programmes.
If you have the necessary Anti Virus and Anti Spy applications installed then you should find the offender(s)
If not there are free downloads available such as AVG Antivirus and Ad-Aware SE (both excellent). Simply enter these titles into your search engine via Internet Explorer. Well worth a try. Good luck

  anchor 12:29 20 May 2005

Possibly you have not allotted sufficient space on your hard drive for system restore, (or you only have a very small hard drive).

Open system restore, click on system restore settings, select the drive, then click on settings. Check this is on maximum, (12%). This should ensure that in the future you can go back sufficiently in time.

Of course, only do this after the hijack problem has been resolved.

  Pooke100 13:02 20 May 2005

depending on what nasty your machine contracted they can hide in system restore. when removing such buggers it's best to turn system restore OFF, clean up and then turn it back on.

One option that I use is that I manually create restore points regularly.



  patrickbuckley 18:01 20 May 2005

I have done all that you, Keithlik and Anchor, have suggested. Thanks to all three of you for your help.

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