Harddrive Whirring/Humming Noise

  Kingmob05 15:39 08 Oct 2005

Okay, I've had my computer for a couple of years now and recently the harddrive is making quite a lot more noise on boot up before settling down once you get to the profile page (this is on XP).

Now, the hard drive is giving off a low hum- not completely quiet, but something you can't really hear with a tv on in the same room.

Now I did a search and some people say it could be the fan, some say it could be the drive dying. I can't really give much more info than that, but I will say on start up it does sound quite a bit like a plane engine when the blade starts turning.

Any thoughts because I'm moving from a state of calm to one of panic....Thanks in advance guys and girls.

  Andsome 15:48 08 Oct 2005

Have a look at this

click here

  Kingmob05 15:55 08 Oct 2005

It looks interesting. Do you know how safe it is. Sometimes I'm a bit cautious about downloading all these free programs.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

  SANTOS7 15:59 08 Oct 2005

If you are confident with taking the side panels off your tower it may well be that it is just loose, i would check for this first..

  Kingmob05 16:19 08 Oct 2005

When you say loose, what are you saying is loose? The hard drive or the fan?

I took the casing off today because, my God, the thing was covered in dust.

By the way Andsome, thanks for that great tip. I downloaded that thing and it's given me 60%-excellent for both health and peformance
It also said the temperature was 39o Celsius. Anyone know if that's ok???

Thanks again guys, you've dropped my blood pressure already.

  SANTOS7 16:31 08 Oct 2005

Check all screws on side of HDD casing and of course anything else that has securing screws on it,it may only be a "part" of the elimination process to find where the noise is coming from if all this fails Then "PANIC" (sorry). If you are confident with this power up your PC with the side of the tower off it may give you a better insight to where the prob lies
and we can go from there..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 08 Oct 2005

39 degrees is very good most machines will hav case temps in the 40s and CPU temps in the 50s

  Kingmob05 16:37 08 Oct 2005

Hmmm, i would take off the casing, but this HDD thing seems to suggest the drive is okay? Or this program not that trustworthy?

Can anyone else who's used it post their stats?

Cheers again guys.

  SANTOS7 16:40 08 Oct 2005

If you can access your data and you get no error messages at start-up we may be heading in the right direction with the "loose" bit..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 08 Oct 2005

what make of HDD? the manufactuers have tools on their web sites.

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast4 click here

  Kingmob05 16:42 08 Oct 2005

I get no errors whatsoever. Just the sound. It's like a loud whirring noise that settles down on start up.

I'm on XP so I did their version of scandisk and got no errors and now I've done this HDDLife thing and got nothing....

Thanks again

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