HardDrive trouble

  ShIvZ 21:19 02 Jul 2008

I have just got a new PC and i put both of my harddrives into it, i formatted both of them, i have 1 160GB HardDrive and 1 40GB HardDrive

But my PC reads that they are both 40GB why is this?

  PA28 22:06 02 Jul 2008

What operating system are you using?

  MarvintheAndroid 22:24 02 Jul 2008

Is the size being reported wrongly in BIOS, or Windows, or both ?


  woodchip 22:29 02 Jul 2008

may be a size limit jumper on the drive, also if these are on the same ribbon cable is it a 80 wire able not a 40 wire

  ShIvZ 22:42 02 Jul 2008

windows xp

deffo in windows not sure about BIOS

dno wot u mean by the jumper

  woodchip 22:52 02 Jul 2008

Some drives have a jumper on the edge of the drive, other than master Slave jumper. this limits the size of the drive that can be seen

  ShIvZ 22:53 02 Jul 2008

oh ok, so how do i get it back to 160GB ?

  MarvintheAndroid 22:56 02 Jul 2008

The size limitation jumper which Woodchip sensibly referred to should not cause your disks to top out at 40GB, the limit would be at 33.8GB (65,536 cylinder limit).

Have you partitioned the 160 GB hard disk as full size, if you cloned the data across from the 40GB drive it could have set it up as a 40GB partition.

Not really sure on this one though, it's a bit wierd.

Please check the BIOS and report back.


  ShIvZ 23:17 02 Jul 2008

could you tell me the steps to do that, because im crap on PC's :)

  ShIvZ 20:58 03 Jul 2008

right i fixed it, basically what happened was my friend put the jumpers on a 32GB setting which made a partition when i formatted the harddrive and also hid the remaining 130GB, but i have deleted the partition by reinstalling windows and it works now, thanks for the help without the jumpers advice i wouldn't of figured this out.

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