Harddrive problem

  Liza 11:14 07 Sep 2004

The LED for the hard drive on my 450mhz computer remains lit all the time. Is there something wrong. I checked the drive to see if any connection was not fully connected,no loose connection. Also scanned the disk, no errors. What could it be please. Liza

  Baledor 11:20 07 Sep 2004

Is this a new fault or have you just bought the PC?

  Gongoozler 11:29 07 Sep 2004

Hi Liza. If the LED is on all the time, can you be sure it is the hard drive LED and not the power LED? Different computers use diffent colours for these functions.

  Liza 15:33 08 Sep 2004

Hello Baledor
I had a problem previously with memory. I removed a stick to give my friend. She decided she didn't want it so I tried to put it back but the video card was in the way so I removed it and installed the memory stick then the video card. Before closing computer I tested and lo behold saw smoke coming out from the psu area I switched the computer off at once. After 5 mins or so tried again, computer came on but no screen, thought video was kaput but no, it was memory, there was a burnt chip so I binned that stick, now have 128 mb instead of 160mb. This was about 3 weeks ago. All was okay. A few days ago however saw that hd red light which stays on. Liza

  Liza 15:36 08 Sep 2004

Hello Gongoozler,
Yes hd light which is next to power led which is also lighting as required. Liza

  Gongoozler 17:24 08 Sep 2004

Hi Liza. If you can't hear any mechanical activity from the hard drive while the light is on, then I think it is possible that the motherboard has been damaged.

  Liza 02:03 10 Sep 2004

Hi Gongoozler
Yes there is mechanical noise and computer goes through the starting process all right. There is one weird thing though when startup is about to finish its starting process the floppy drive lights for a second and the closing door flaps for a second or 2, like as if it wants a floppy disk. After this I can use the computer also log on to the Net but the hd lights so worries me. If you say the motherboard could be damaged, how do I check this if so please. Liza

  Liza 02:08 10 Sep 2004

Hi Baledor

Its a new fault, the pc is 4 years old. Liza

  Gongoozler 20:25 11 Sep 2004

Hi Liza. I've not been ignoring you, just trying to think of a sensible reply - and failing. So instead I'll put down some thoughts I've had on your problem.

You say that you saw smoke coming from the power supply. Was this the PSU smoking, or was it the smoke from the memory stick being blown out by the PSU fan?

If the memory burnt up, then it is quite possible that part of the motherboard got damaged in the process, and this could quite easily include the HD LED driver.

I have never come across a floppy drive with a self opening front flap, so I can't be at all sure what could cause that, but in BIOS you can set the order in which the computer looks for a boot disk, and if, as is often the case, the first drive is the floppy, then it could well cause the drive to look for a disk, and possibly open the flap in the process. Some anti-virus packages also look at the floppy and other drives before boot-up.

I can't be very positive about deciding what is casing the HDD LED to light up, but if you disconnect all the drives from the motherboard, I don't think the HDD LED should be able to light up, and if it does, it definitely can't be the HD drive that is causing it.

When I asked about mechanical noise, what I was trying to find out is if the HD drive was trying to access data all the time the light was on. If you listen closely to the drive, you should hear the arm carrying the head ticking as it moves across the platter. When the drive isn't accessing data, this ticking should stop and the LED turn off.

  Gaz 25 21:13 11 Sep 2004

HDD's are the last item loaded in bootstrap. Maybe while its going through bootstrap the light stays on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:37 11 Sep 2004

With low memory (now you have burnt out a RAM stick) windows will be using more virtual memory i.e. space on your drive, especially if you have alot of processes running. 128Mb is absolute minium for later versions of windows

Clear out all temporary folders and defrag the drive.

Also check for spyware to reduce running processes.
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