Harddrive & PCI IDE Card Ultra ATA compatible?

  Jeecie 09:23 21 Feb 2007

Hi, I want to install my 3rd HDD into my PC.

I'm on the case re: checking PSU (so I don't exceed it's wattage).

But... as I've got the day off of work today and I'm itching to install my new HDD - I need to know asap if my HDD is backwards compatible with the PCI IDE Card that I am going to connect it to (NB: I have run out of IDE slots on my motherboard - hence the PCI card!).

I bought the HDD last year off of eBay - it's an 80GB Seagate IDE internal drive, Ultra ATA/100 Model Number is ST380011A (click here for specification).

I've just today received my other eBay purchase, which is my Ultra ATA/66 PCI Controller Card (Model No. CN2468 by SIIG Inc.) only cost me £4 inc. P&P (so I took a chance on it working as it was such a bargain :) ).

So... before I start fiddling around iside my PC... can anyone tell me please is my Ultra ATA/100 hard drive 100% backwards compatible with this Ultra ATA/66 PCI Card ?

I have a GA-6VX7-4X Motherboard click here with 2 IDE slots - which are used up with DVD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, 80GB HDD (Master), and 20GB HDD (Slave).

P.S. What's DMA? And do I need to do something with it?

Many thanks in advance

  ed-0 12:03 21 Feb 2007

" So... before I start fiddling around inside my PC... can anyone tell me please is my Ultra ATA/100 hard drive 100% backwards compatible with this Ultra ATA/66 PCI Card ? "

Should be fine. Best way is to try it out, it isn't going to hurt anything.

With the computer shut down and the power lead disconnected. open the case and insert the pci card. start the computer and let windows find the card. Install any drivers that came with the card or search the web for drivers, if you need them.

When the card has been recognised, shut down the computer and install the hard drive. connect it up to the pci card and start windows. Windows should find new hard ware and install the hard drive for you.

DMA is direct memory access.
Does what it says on the tin, just uses the memory and not the cpu.

It is advantageous to have it enabled. When reading or writing from the hard drive, if the cpu is not needed, then the information is stored in the memory. This promotes faster reading and writing from the hard drive or cdrom, speeding up the system.

  Jeecie 12:20 21 Feb 2007

Cheers ed-0... gonna shut down OC, have lunch starting my install!
Will let you knwo how it goes!

Jeecie :)

  Jeecie 18:52 26 Feb 2007

Installed & my Ultra ATA/100 hard drive is working with my Ultra ATA/66 PCI IDE Card.

Mind you... I'm having a wee problem now... I've partitioned the new 80gb HDD attached to the ATA card and when I try to copy my "itunes Music" folder across to the new partition it results in an error & Windows restarts itself automatically (I've tried copying the folder twice now & I get the same error... then when the PC reboots itself I get a bluescreen where it shows that it's checking for system file problems and/or scanning the drive... after which Windows XP loads up just fine). So.. I;m not sure if the problem is with the ATA Card... or the HDD.
Should I post my new problem as a new thread.. or do you think we should leave it in this thread as perhaps my problme is related to the ATA 66's card's compatibility with the ATA 100 HDD ??


  citadel 19:09 26 Feb 2007

when I bought a serial ultra ata/133 card it came with a floppy disc that installed the cards software. the card has it's own bios that works alongside the motherboard bios.

  ed-0 19:10 26 Feb 2007

better to tick this one, as resolved, I think and start a new thread.

Helpers will be looking at this as a pci card/ new hard drive problem.

They will see it as resolved.

Those who are proficient with itunes may look into the new thread, rather than one to do with inserting a new pci card.

  woodchip 19:16 26 Feb 2007

You would be better with the Hard Drive plugged into the One that CD or DVD use and put the CD or DVD in the card. Then the Hard Drive Should run at Full Speed not ata 66. As the Card is only ata 66 it will slow the Hard Drive Speed down From 100 to 66

  Jeecie 19:28 26 Feb 2007

Moved my new problem to a new thread... copied (cut & pasted) everyoen's replies to the new thread to save time...)
click here

Cheers guys!

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