Harddrive paging and silicon image problems.

  £$£$£$ 04:19 08 Sep 2004

Ive being having problems with the computer freezing up for about 5 secs. When i go to the event viewer i get several messages repeating the same hings as time gos on im getting more and more of errors.
below is what it says in the microsoft online help centre.

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 51
Source: Disk
Version: 5.2
Message: An error was detected on device %1 during a paging operation.

An input/output (I/O) request to a memory-mapped file failed and the operation was retried.

User Action
If these events are logged regularly on a primary system drive, replace the device. Otherwise, no user action is required.

Ive recently had to do a fresh install and allthough the computer was freezing up before it was less frequent and less severe in tewrms of time.
Im also getting a problem with my si3114r silicon image driver i cant find out what because the knowledge base as no explanation at all.
Ive ran checks on my Hdrive to test fot errors and in disk mangagement the drive reports as healthy.
Ive run spybot adware6 and ive got an to update firewall and virus checker any ideas?????
I hope its not the drive that has to go because its only 6 months old.
maybe its drivers for the motherboard that are causing the silicon image problems but that one thing that i dont feel as if know enough to update the motherboard (KV8 MAX3) drivers i dont what to mess up te whole system!!!!!

Thanks in advance.

  £$£$£$ 16:59 08 Sep 2004

Has anyone any ideas?????

  £$£$£$ 16:59 08 Sep 2004

Has anyone any ideas?????

  £$£$£$ 16:59 08 Sep 2004

Has anyone any ideas?????

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