harddrive light

  pat2068 21:38 02 May 2003

could someone please tell me if my harddrive light should be running all the time it is running even if i am not doing anything thanks pat

  hugh-265156 22:34 02 May 2003

bobbyc yes in xp

  pat2068 22:40 02 May 2003

my cpu is only going to 4 i have i have 2 hotmail programs running,hp centre agent and kodak software update agent internet explorer and pca also broadband modem

  hugh-265156 22:40 02 May 2003

sorry bobbyc just re read my post right click the task bar and then task manager.

  hugh-265156 22:43 02 May 2003

the light should just flick on and off every so often.should not be on constantly.

  bobbyc 22:43 02 May 2003

press ctr+alt + del task manager will pop up
under applications tab see what progs are running

  pat2068 22:48 02 May 2003

i have 2 hotmail programs hp center agent and kodak updater agent that is all that is showing as running thanks pat

  Ironman556 22:50 02 May 2003

I don't know if XP has a system monitor like 98 does. In 98 it's under the system tools. You should be ok with your memory I think, but just to rule it out try opening the system monitor or equivalent, and display the memory usage. If it's maxed constantly then you're running out of RAM and the computer is using the hard disk as RAM. If not then it's likely to be a program monitoring somthing.

  DieSse 22:52 02 May 2003

"it only just started when i installed norton system works"

Well, I think you just answered your own question - NSW is a well known resource hog. Personally I wouldn't let it near my system!

  bobbyc 22:56 02 May 2003

go to control panell add remove prog and remove nortons see if that stops it

  VoG™ 23:00 02 May 2003

It is probably busy building a catalogue of everything on your HDD.

Personally, I would get rid of it. As someone on here once said "there are zillions of computers that are working perfectly happily without the attention of this panicware" (or similar) and I agree.

Do you have a problem with your 'puter?

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