harddrive advice

  fbadt 10:45 14 Jan 2009

Hi all, just a (hopefully) quick couple of questions if anyone can help -

My old PC recently stopped working, just wouldn't powerup, ntohing, tried everything and eventually gave up & got a new one. As it was unexpected, I hadn't backed up the files on the harddrive very recently, so lots of saved games, photos, docs etc are on there. would it be safe to put the old harddrive in the new pc to get the files? any chance it was the harddrive that caused the other pc to crack up? it seems fine, but don't want to ruin the just-out-the-box PC!

the other question i have, is the new system has Vista, is there any way to get older games (for win95/98)such as Elite Force and Heretic 2 to run on it? It installs, runs the menu, config & cut scene intro okay but as soon as it goes to the game it crashes. My old PC had just installed Heretic2 and crashed mid-play before it died, could the older game have corrupted the OS/caused a huge system failure or something?! Same thing happened with Carmageddon, played but suddenly crashed causing the PC to suddenly restart and give me the 'recovering from a serious error' warning. do we just have to say goodbye to those dos-based 95/98 games?!

any help?

thanks! fbt

  MAJ 10:59 14 Jan 2009

"would it be safe to put the old harddrive in the new pc to get the files?"

Yes it would be safe, but if you're not comfortable doing that, you could buy a hard drive enclosure, put the old drive in that and attach it to your new PC via USB. If the old drive is okay, you can then drag and drop the files to your new PC.

"any chance it was the harddrive that caused the other pc to crack up?"

That's possible if you were seeing or hearing some life from the old PC. If there was no sign of life, it could be something as simple as a failed power supply, or something more serious, like a failed motherboard.

I'll leave your games questions for our gamers to answer, I'm afraid I don't play games on my PC, so it's a closed are to me.

  MAJ 11:03 14 Jan 2009

Here's an example of the hard drive enclosure I mentioned in my last post click here you can get less expensive models, that's just an example.

  Technotiger 11:13 14 Jan 2009

Did you try a new PSU before going to the expense of a new PC? Your original Post seems to indicate simply a failed PSU, much cheaper than a new PC and easy to fit.

Some older games might work with Vista in Compatibility mode, but not many - but this is just a guess, I have very limited experience of Vista.

  Technotiger 11:14 14 Jan 2009

Almost certainly, Yes!

  fbadt 11:50 14 Jan 2009

hi all, thanks for those rapid replies, just to clarify -

Yeah did try a new PSU, power button, cables, fuses, kicking it, everything. it just seemed to have died quite suddenly after running Heretic, am assuming it was the m.board but wasn't sure if the HD could have been the culprit. thanks for clearing that up.

think I'll look into those hard drive enclosures, look simple & safe and if the drive is okay, a handy tool to have.

such a downer about the older games!

thanks for a advice everyone

  Technotiger 12:01 14 Jan 2009

This covers just about any eventuality, not expensive either ... click here

Gonna buy one myself!

  Technotiger 12:05 14 Jan 2009

Sugar! Can't, no orders from outside USofA!!!

Will have a look for similar item in UK, if possible.

  tullie 12:09 14 Jan 2009

I am currently playing Heretic,Heretic2,Hexen and the old Doom games on my Vista machine.

  Technotiger 12:20 14 Jan 2009

UK equivalent ... click here I just bought one!

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