harddrive activity

  pat2068 22:44 05 Dec 2004

when i switched on the computer tonight the h/d light was flashing continously and my cpu was at 100 the programe that was using the all my cpu was update.exe can anyone tell me what this is and how i can stop it on windows xpsp1 thanks leo

  VoG II 22:47 05 Dec 2004

click here

use the usual tools to remove.

  pat2068 22:52 05 Dec 2004

i have scanned with spybot and found nothing adaware found nothing done virus scans i have scanned with everything i have do you no anything else i can use thanks leo

  pat2068 22:59 05 Dec 2004

can someone please tell me what else i can use to get this of my computer please thanks leo

  pat2068 23:57 05 Dec 2004

please help me remove this file i have tried spybot adaware a2 and they all found nothing can someone please tell me how to get rid of it thanks leo

  THE TERMINATOR 00:44 06 Dec 2004

Find update.exe (using the search facility) on your drive and delete it from your system manually if no program can detect it. Make sure you hold the shift key down at the same time as deleting the file....TT

  ACOLYTE 01:01 06 Dec 2004

There is a file called update.exe that is part of windows click here

and there is other nasty things called update.exe

click here

i dont know what one you have but online virus scan/trojan scan may find somthing.

  pat2068 01:18 06 Dec 2004

cant find it using search as it dosent come up as update.exe when i search for it i get spybot and all my other removers but nothing called update.exe it started tonight as soon as p switched on the pc i have never had it before so i dont no where it came from dont no what else i can try to remove it thanks leo

  pat2068 01:32 06 Dec 2004

and when it is running it says update.exe and it is a systems there is nothing else except the numbers thanks leo

  pat2068 14:40 06 Dec 2004

could someome please help me get rid of this or tell me something else i can scan with to get rid of it please help me im going mad with this thanks leo

  pat2068 23:37 07 Dec 2004

please can someone help me remove this from my computer i have tried and still get it rid of it can someone tell me what else i can scan with thanks leo

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