Harddisk noises

  Redpath 10:52 18 Jan 2003
  Redpath 10:52 18 Jan 2003

I have a Packard bell PC and when the PC is running there is knocking sounds coming from it,its not the usual sounds you hear when data is being read from it,also the PC freezes for that period and then when the noises stops the PC is ok again. I have replaced the harddisk already and didnt make a difference.when scandisk is run now there are bad sectors on this new HDD.

  OBE-1 11:36 19 Jan 2003

i had a problem like this it turned out to be the fan on my cpu was not working all the time and the heat was climing to high in the box which made my hard drive start to over heat as well this in the end damaged the hard drive
the noise could be the fan on it's way out

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