Harddisk drive physically damaged?

  cosmic605 15:04 08 Jun 2003

Scandisk reports that my 20Gb Maxtor 541DX hard drive suffered from physical damage, probably due to a power failure in the past. It reported many bad clusters at the start of the disk. Should I be considering replacing (upgrading) the hard disk now, or will the Scandisk repairs have removed the problem.
I have had to go into BIOS twice recently and re-enter the harddisk details because they have disappeared. Is this evidence of impending harddisk failure or am I missing something?

Any help will be much appreciated 'cos I'm a bit of a novice!

  Danoh 15:44 08 Jun 2003

If your PC is > 4 years old, there's a good chance that the battery which keeps your BIOS chip content intact is fading, which is a common cause of BIOS settings starting to be lost. Hopefully it is a common "watch" type of battery which is coin shaped and readily available.

It would be worthwhile to painstakingly note down your BIOS settings (or print them off) so you can re-enter them after replacing your BIOS chip battery.

Generally speaking, once bad clusters start to appear on your hard disk, more is likely to follow. The unpredicable loss of data and loss of the use of your PC is painfully enough to give an urgent boost to you upgrading to a larger hard disk a.s.a.p.

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