ian40 17:06 01 Jan 2003
  ian40 17:06 01 Jan 2003

happy new year
i just got a new harddisk but it will not lond i went into bios set that up and the comp just set there it will not lond up win98

  « Ravin » 17:23 01 Jan 2003

have you formatted and partitioned the disk? and you'll have to istall windows 98 too.

  hellred 17:39 01 Jan 2003

Questions: where is the old drive ?? if you still have it and provided it was functional, go and reinstall it as the master on the system and then set the new one to slave after that re-bbot the PC. It should start and load as before once you get back to that contact me and i'll tell how to transfer the rest onto the new drive etc. You can assign the new drive as drive D and you use a start up disc and then f/disk the drive and after that re-boot and format it.
You should now have a C and D drive on your system !!
Contact me and i'll tell you the rest then.

  MARTIN-260303 18:08 01 Jan 2003

I bought a new computer a few weeks ago and installed a game I was playing on my brothers.The
first thing I noticed was how slow it ran.After about 10 days I looked in maintenance and was shocked to find that 21gb was being used,on what I don't know.This started to bother me as I only had installed one game and a few other programs.
So I decided to do a system restore.and my computer crashed.I had a message fatal error.
WINDOWS ROOT>SYSTEM 32\HAL.DLL flie missing or corrupt.Please re-install a copy of the above file [yeah right] I couldn't do anything my keyboard was not doing anything and when I tried to load the win xp disk nothing.I tried re-booting but the error message was stopping me getting into my computer I was pressing the keys on my board like crazy and I dont know what I pressed but I was able to load the win xp disk and a message came up press r if you want to repair win xp,I tried to repair the file but I didn't know what I was doing,soooooooo I RE-INSTALLES win xp now when my computer boots up I have two copies of xp one working and the one with the problem and 41gb used out of my 60.I want to format my harddisk and start from scratch.I have all the drivers for the programs on my computer.what should I do [yeah I know stay away from computers] please help.martin :-(

  « Ravin » 21:18 01 Jan 2003


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