Hard of Hearing - Now I'm becoming elderly!

  wee eddie 18:35 03 Oct 2005

But I still retain a little touch of vanity.

I know that many MP3 Players will act as Voice Recorders.

Would it be possible to surreptitiously use one as a Hearing (Amplifier) Aid?

  stalion 18:51 03 Oct 2005


  De Marcus™ 18:57 03 Oct 2005
  Stuartli 19:00 03 Oct 2005

'Ear, 'ear...

  woodchip 19:06 03 Oct 2005

You cannot afford to be vain, when you cannot hear. I have had this problem for many years. My worst problem is that if I do some work on My Van and have to lay on the floor earing aid starts to whistle. I nearly threw it over the wall the other day as I was so frustrated with it and not being able to hear. IT'S ONLY WHEN YOU CANNOT HEAR that you begin to appreciate what you lost. I have NO SYMPATHY for those driving cars that go down the Road and you can hear them thump thump thump Half mile away. As if every body want's to hear there bad taste in music, if that's what it's called.

  alltime 19:14 03 Oct 2005

here here!!!

  woodchip 19:18 03 Oct 2005

Join the club

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:22 03 Oct 2005

You need the new Acme USB2 7.1 multimedia eartrumpets.

  Wilham 19:24 03 Oct 2005

I've had a hearing aid for several years and my latest one is digital. Both sides of my head are are about the same deafness and I opted to wear the aid in my right ear.

Listening to music is vastly better through (turned up) ordinary headphones rather than mono via the aid. But I don't think wee eddie's idea would help with speech because my tiny amplifier is pitch selective to help me recognise consonents.

  Klof Ron 19:25 03 Oct 2005

There is absolutely no reason to put up with deafness. Go to your GP and ask for a referral to your local hospital's Auditory Dept, where you will be given a assessment, and fitted with a Hearing Aid. I have been deaf since the age of 10, and have all the hearing aids from the "Box on the belt with a wire" from the 1950's up to a Bi-Cross digital aid which I have now. I am also a fluent British Sign Language user. Forget your vanity and remember you are not alone 1 in 7 people in the UK are Deaf, deaf (yes there is a difference) or hard of hearing.

  grumpygramp 19:42 03 Oct 2005

In my area there is a 3 year wait for a NHS hearing aid . Deafness unfortunately is not classed as life threatening. I have recently gone private as I had no wish to wait .I can now hear the birds singing in the morning once more .If you do go private get quotes from at least 3 companies . There can be up to £1000 difference between them .

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