Hard to get started help needed

  PH1 17:26 24 Jan 2006

I am running Win98se2.

When I turn on the pc it starts then stops, I have to turn off at the mains wait for allthr light to go out turn back on then it starts then stops I have to do this upto 35-40 times before it will stay on and run as normal. Any clues to the problem? please!

  SOUNDFADER 17:32 24 Jan 2006

hi there first unplug all cd rom drives ok from mobo, if you have any usb devices plugged into mobo via cable unplug them as well ok, if you still get a lock up or pc shutting down then try swapping the ram to see if that is faulty, otherwise the problem could be that you may have a fault on the motherboard, also change the bios battery ok it is a cr2032 battery you can get them from any pc shop or jeweller. remember also to try the ide cables as one loose or broken wire can cause problems as well ok.

  PH1 18:13 24 Jan 2006

I will try out all you suggestions and get back in the next couple of days thanks

  Diemmess 18:27 24 Jan 2006

When you are certain that you have checked the points raised by SOUNDFADER ...

You say "it stops"
Does it just hang, or freeze, or where does it stop?

IF it goes through the DOS screens and stops just before the Desktop opens, it may be some corruption of the process of loading Win98SE

There is a rudimentary life saver IF the fault lies there.

Switch on and start tapping F8 (at least before Windows starts to load)
You will see another DOS screen with (from memory five options)
Pick the option "Command Prompt Only" (number 5?)

At the C:> prompt, type
scanreg /restore - and Enter (make sure of the space after scanreg).

You will then have a list of the last five dates when windows ran satisfactorily.
Pick one if you can, before the current trouble stated and follow the prompts.
This may not work but its nice when it does!

  PH1 09:01 29 Jan 2006

It does not even get as far as the dos screen it stops as soon as I turn it on

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 29 Jan 2006

Looks like your PSU has died.

1. check the physical dimensions of the PSU before buying another some PCs have small cases and small PSU to match it is often cheaper to buy a n case than find a replacement for a non standard PSU.

2. 400w - 500W Do NOT skimp on the PSU the more power the better however a cheap powerful one can be worse than an expensive 250W.

3. depending on your mobo / cpu get one that states something like P4 ready as thre are extra connectors to power the latest CPUs

  Diemmess 10:20 29 Jan 2006

I think there are three possibilities, in order of likelihood.
1)PSU failure - much the most likely, replace it.

2) Some hardware failure producing a dramatic power need beyond the ability of the PSU.
You can try by disconnecting the power leads to your HD, floppy drive, all CD drives and all USB devices.
If the computer goes through the early boot stages up to the "failure to find boot disk" then you can try reconnecting each gizmo (starting with the HD) one at a time.

3)Power switch on the case. This is a low voltage switch that triggers mains supply to the PSU via the Motherboard, it seldom gives any trouble.
If you think it is this and want to "fiddle", then you can cautiously try briefly shorting the actual switch leads, but to each other, NOT the case.

  Wak 12:23 29 Jan 2006

Hi, I run Win98 SE and if you wish to send me an e-mail via the yellow envelope I will send you a very useful 24KB .DOC file covering a Step-by-step guide to Start up problems with Win98 & ME.
It could come in very handy in the future.

  PH1 17:48 09 Feb 2006

It seems to start better when the room is warm????

  bluto1 22:57 09 Feb 2006

I hope you got in touch with WAK via yellow envelope or you`re going to have a big central heating bill

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