Hard drives running side on....?

  Magik ®© 12:42 06 Sep 2003

hi all, just got a Maxtor external HDD which,due to lack of space i have it running on it's side, do you think it is working twice as hard, i imagine it to be like a record deck, so instead of floating across the disk,it is running up hill, if you get my gist...mind you,Maxtor do give you a plastic bit to push on the side, so it does not fall over... any thought's..thanks

  leo49 12:54 06 Sep 2003

I think I'd be worried about the data falling off..... :o)

  seedie 13:03 06 Sep 2003

Wish I had a plastic bit to push in the side of windows to stop it falling over.

Seriously. I've two HD running on their sides; no problems.

  bremner 13:04 06 Sep 2003

Some Packard Bell machines have the hard drive mounted vertically on the front of the Tower. That does not seem to be problematical.

  Magik ®© 13:06 06 Sep 2003

thanks all, we can put that worry to one side now.

now, what else can i worry about :-(

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