Hard drives not detected

  The Real Fizz 07:21 21 Mar 2004

Can anyone give advice on what to do when neither primary master nor primary slave are detected when the machine is turned on? This problem has been occurring intermittently over the last week and I am now unable to access my machine at all.

  The Real Fizz 08:34 21 Mar 2004


  The Real Fizz 08:50 21 Mar 2004

Meant to say that I am using XP Home and it ends up asking me to insert Boot Diskette in A. I don't have a boot disk, is it on the Microsoft XP CD?

  billyliv 09:11 21 Mar 2004

Hi, On start up enter 'BIOS' and check your Boot order. Your first choice should be 'Hard Drive'. Cheers, Bill

  The Real Fizz 09:25 21 Mar 2004

Thanks Bill,
Turned machine on and immediately typed in BIOS (hope that is what you meant!) and machine came on. This has been happening on and off all week. Last time I managed to get it running I put on System configuration diagnostics as someone told me that was a good idea. The System Configuration is showing selective startup. What do I do now??? Should i change it to normal startup, or use system restore in the hope of the problems going away?
Am worried about turning machine off again as this is the first time this morning it has worked out of 7 attempts.

  The BB 09:56 21 Mar 2004

Don't type in 'BIOS' but access your BIOS. Normally on startup you'll see a screen which disappears and then XP boots - this is the BIOS screen. Depending on the BIOS holding down the DEL key whilst booting will take you to it.

However, given its an intermitent problem I suspect a loose cable or overheating. switch off at the mains, and remove the case and then check the cable from the motherboard to the hard drive is plugged in properly (I am assuming all the lights come on as normal when the machine fails) so also check the power connectors are firmly home.

  The Real Fizz 10:23 21 Mar 2004

Thanks 'The BB', will try checking all the cables and power connectors. Don't think it can be overheating as have very noisy fan which I can still hear, but will also check that. Other than that I guess I will have to put in a new hard drive and reload windows. Will let you all know the outcome and thanks for the help.

  The Real Fizz 23:39 21 Mar 2004

Thanks for your help but ended up having to put in a new hard drive and reload Windows after checking all the cables etc. Just for interest, when my old hard drive was put into an external hard drive carrier and checked on another machine it came back showing loads of errors. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat!
Thanks again

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