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  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 20:28 29 May 2004

I have purchased this driveDiamondMax Maxline 250Gb 8Mb Cache Hard Disk Drive ATA 133 but i cant get it to work my mother board supports UDMA 66/100/133 now does this mean it supports ATA drives and if so do i need to purchase an IDE to ATA cable to get this to work the drive is def not an SATA as i first wrote in my other posting

  JNKScot 20:32 29 May 2004

Are you using the correct IDE Cable?

  SEASHANTY 20:41 29 May 2004

TechGuide - How to install a second hard drive
click here

  SEASHANTY 20:48 29 May 2004

There is also the Maxtor Installation Guide in .pdf
click here

  Fruit Bat 20:54 29 May 2004

ATA means it will wprk off an IDE cable.

Two types of cable 40 wire /80 wire.

40 wire master at end slave in middle.

80 wire master in middle slave at end.

make sure jumpers set correctly PC will hang on two masters or two slaves on same cable.

Make sure BIOS, CMOS setup sees both drives usually something like F3 to detect all drives.

disk will need to be partioned and formatted before you can store files on it.

Good Luck

Guys i think i should have advised you that this will be the 4th hard drive installed i 3 hard drives and 1 dvd +/- burner to be honest im am not sure if the mother board supports the ATA drive if it does as in pre note do i need to buy IDE to ATA cables and will these also allow me to connect the other drives ok

P.s. if you are wondering how i am going to anothe hard drive fitted when i only have 4 slots i have bought a USB to IDE cnnector

  bobbybowls 21:19 29 May 2004

get a pci to ide adaptor card

  Djohn 21:27 29 May 2004

80 strand IDE is still master at the end and slave in the middle.

i have just purchased ide to ata 133 3 head connectors should this work

  SEASHANTY 11:49 30 May 2004

Are you perhaps encountering the 137GB Bios limit on ATA hard drives. See this article from Scott Mueller
click here
UDMA and UATA drives are exactly the same so that makes no difference. It may be that your motherboard bios does not support drives over 150GB. Most of the HDD manufacturers have drive overlay programmes to overcome this problem.

  SEASHANTY 12:07 30 May 2004

My posting above - in both cases the drive capacity
should read 137GB. If it is the Bios preventing operation of your new drive there are several links
of relevance on this Google page
click here

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