hard drives

  gouldthorp 19:45 25 Jul 2014

now that my ssd drive is full how do i get my conventional hard drive to to start taking programmes?

  BRYNIT 20:04 25 Jul 2014

On my second drive (D:\ drive)I have created a folder called Programs, when I install a program I direct it to this folder.

If your SSD drive is now full I would suggest you uninstall some programs and reinstall directing them to the second drive. If your SSD drive gets too full you may have problems.

  rocky399 20:21 25 Jul 2014

In my second disk (D: \ Driver), I created a folder called Programs, to install a program that I'm in this file.

If your SSD is done, I suggest you uninstall and reinstall some programs leading to the second drive. If your SSD is too crowded, you may have problems.

  rdave13 20:28 25 Jul 2014

Similar to BRYNIT . Set your browser to download to a pre-created folder on your data drive. Mine is called 'newdownloads' on the data drive. Before extracting and installing I create another folder with roughly the programs name and during installation I select 'browse' and find the folder then install to the folder on the data drive, not the C drive. The shortcut icon will still show on your desktop.

I would certainly transfer your Photos, music etc to the data drive and if you can, losing info accepted, reinstall programs on the data drive.

The 'fuller' an SSD is then the less efficient it is.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:14 25 Jul 2014

see here how to move users folder to another drive

  rdave13 21:38 25 Jul 2014

Never have been a fan of moving Windows folders to another drive even if it makes life a bit easier. I find problems can occur with some programs and if you want to do a fresh install on the C drive. I'm running a 64 GB SSD, for the past year, with two ordinary sata drives for installations and data. Still have 23 GB free on the SSD without moving any folders. I would really like a minimum of 120 GB SSD as all the apps are stored on the C drive on 8. I've actually moved the location of these apps to the data drive but you'll get problems again if you try to install further apps.

  alanrwood 09:03 26 Jul 2014

Just as a piece of info for the OP. An SSD is considered full when it reaches 75% of its capacity otherwise due to the way of writing new data it slows down and wears more quickly. Best transfer everything except the operating system and program files to your spinner drive. I also transfer my temp folder to another drive In "Environment Settings" to avoid high write /read activity to the SSD.

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