hard drives

  conrail 16:38 29 Jan 2004

Just received 2 gifts from my sisters unbeknown to eath other, both sent 120 Hard Drives, as my system already has a 60Gb hard drive running xp pro and I know I can add a 2nd, can I also add a 3rd? don't want to offend either sister by returning theirs, also will both be set as slave jumpers? don't want to throw out my original 60gb hd, I asmume I need a cradle or will 3rd drive sit on the floor of my tower?

  ventanas 16:43 29 Jan 2004

Depends, if you already have two optical drives eg cd and dvd, then the answer is no, unless you add a second IDE controller to a spare pci slot.

Not recommended to let a hard drive "sit on the floor." The vibtration could damage it. You will need some sort of cradle.

  Diemmess 16:48 29 Jan 2004

With suitable cradles you now already have the expensive parts for a removable (second HD)

  Sheila-214876 16:49 29 Jan 2004

You can have 2 drives on each IDE connection. So, if you only have 1 hard drive and 1 CD drive you should have enough space for 2 more Hard/CD drives.
The setup would be your main hard drive as Master plus a second hard drive as Slave on the primary IDE port and a second hard drive and CD on the Secondary IDE port as Master and Slave. If your CD is a CD/RW then it needs to be the Master so another Hard Disk on the same IDE port would need to be a Slave. Of course, it would also depend on whether your BIOS can accept 120gb hard drives as well, but as you already have a 60gb hard drive that shouldn't be a problem.

  conrail 17:01 29 Jan 2004

I have 1 HD + 1 CDRW = 1 DVD drive

  conrail 17:03 29 Jan 2004

have set up 1 of the new HD as slave no problem so now had 1 master HD, 1 slave HD + CDRW + DVD plus 1 120 GB hard drive sitting in its box

  ventanas 17:04 29 Jan 2004

That's your lot then, unless you add another controller, or remove one of the existing drives. The maximum number of IDE devices is four.

  Diemmess 17:11 29 Jan 2004

Why not set yourself up with removable drives as I suggested at the 3rd post?

That way you can use either big disk, and have the security of a safe haven for backups

  conrail 17:11 29 Jan 2004

thanks for all your help, will just put 1 away for future use

  Rennaissance 17:13 29 Jan 2004

why not remove your 60 gb harddrive and install both 120 gigs. Then copy the data from your old drive to new drive with some software.

  bananaslik 17:18 29 Jan 2004

take out the 60gig and give it to meeeeeeeee

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