Hard driver can't transfer but can extract

  agesblood 00:49 14 Jul 2018

Hey so I have a relatively new 3tb hard drive around 3 months old. I am not able to transfer file to it, however I am able to extract from it. It has 2tb free of space

I noticed another issue is that while the transfer is happening while I play games I get this message in my games:

Please make sure you have enough free space on the device, and that you are still signed in on the device

The weird thing is my game isn't on the same driver as the one I am trying to upload to. Could this be a RAM issue?

I also noticed that when all this is happening my web browser craps out. Like the tabs wont load or anything and if it gets to the point where it doesn't load at all it says network not found, like as if I didn't have internet connects. And my computer sometime freezes.Does anyone know why? or a fix

Also to note* I don't get any errors while trying to transfer files, it just get stuck at 1-10%.


OS: windows 10 pro 64bit GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: i7 5820k regular 3.3ghz OC to 4.3ghz RAM: 16gb MB: x99-UD3-CF

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 14 Jul 2018

in file explorer right click the drive - properties - tools tab - check the drive for errors (will probably take quite awhile to complete on a 3Tb disk.

  agesblood 15:12 14 Jul 2018

I extracted all my files from the HDD and then reformated it. Afterwards I checked for errors which didn't take that long. It told me I don't have to scan for error because theres nothing wrong with it but I did it anyways. After like 20 seconds later it said my drive was successfully scanned and no error was found. I have also optimized and defrag it as well.

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