Hard Drive/fan problem on new PC ?

  Hetti 09:38 22 Jan 2013

Bought new PC at Christmas when set up it was rather loud (like a whirring sound) but I thought it was just that particular PC, and maybe It is just the way it runs, but today it seems louder than ever so was wondering if someone could recommend a free software program that will let me know if there is a problem with it, so i will have some info for the seller when I ring them? I did as search before posting but found the results rather confusing it needs to be easy to understand results for me.

  onthelimit1 09:50 22 Jan 2013

If a brand new PC, then I would take it back. If bought over the internet, distance selling rules apply and should be straightforward to get a refund.

  Hetti 11:00 22 Jan 2013

onthelimit It is a brand new PC bought from a high rating seller on Ebay I don't know if they would refund though probably ask me to return it for a repair. What does "Distance selling rules mean"? Ive not heard of it before.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:04 22 Jan 2013

I would take the side of and find out exactly where the noise is coming from. If it is the HDD then as onthelimit1 says then look at sending it back.

It might be a rubbish fan some can be very noisy,I seem to spend small fortunes on quiet fans but as I said you will need to know exactly where the sound is coming from.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:07 22 Jan 2013

DSR's Even if you bought from Ebay, if the seller is a business seller then he is bound by the same rules as anyone else.

  Hetti 15:30 22 Jan 2013

Thanks guys

After running for abt 1 hour the PC quietened down, so I turned it off and started it up again, it was loud again, but when I help my hand firmly on the side of the case it of stopped the noise quite significantly (maybe vibration?) but it is stood on a proper surface (computer desk) I have not contacted seller yet. Will move the PC from where it is to test weather it is where it's stood, will need some help for that so maybe tomorrow. Thanks again

  wee eddie 15:47 22 Jan 2013

There are many ways of reducing the noise made by vibrations.

Pads under the feet - this will stop any vibrations being transferred to the Desktop, which will amplify them. Before you spend any money on sound absorbant feet, put your PC on a folded towel. See if the reduces the noise.

Then, put your hands on the big panels on either side of the PC. If this further reduces the noise, you can buy Sound Reducing Fibre Panels that stick to the inside of the case. Remember not to block any of the Air Vents.

When you take the side off, roll a piece of A4 Paper into a cone that is open at both ends, then point the narrow end at each of the potential sources of vibration. Put your ear to the larger end, this is a simple stethoscope, and it will help to identify the source. If a Hard Drive is the cause, then get it replaced, but many fans vibrate normally and you can get isolating washers to reduce that for next to nothing.

  Hetti 10:25 13 Feb 2013

wee eddie

Returned to manufacturer it need fan replaced, was able to give better info to them on the phone after reading wee eddie post.

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