Hard Drive working overtime!

  spuds 14:13 11 Aug 2006

I had this problem a few months ago, and after a short time everything seemed to returned to normal.

Whilst the computer is working, everything seems fine, then suddenly the hard drive shows sign of high activity. This doesn't seem to interfere with the actual viewing and switching over web pages and sites. But it is becoming rather concerning and disruptive due to activity noise and led flashing light.

Tried the usuals of Anti-spy, Anti-Virus, CCleaner, Defrag and RegScrub etc, everything seems to come up fairly clean.

Any ideas of what to try next?.

  keef66 14:17 11 Aug 2006

My pc used to do this and now it's Ok, possibly as a result of advice in these pages, but I can't remember exactly what.

I think its to do with automatic disk cleanup performed by Windows periodically. Either that or Windows indexing service.

Sorry to be so vague

  DieSse 14:19 11 Aug 2006

Odd occasions of high drive activity could be due to

Restore point setting


A program such as AV set to run at scheduled times

Try disabling each possibility in turn, and see if the activity goes away.

  FelixTCat 14:27 11 Aug 2006


How much system memory do you have?

Windows uses hard disk space as virtual memory, spooling recently unused bits of system memory to this part of the hard disk.

Every so often it seems to unwind this either as housekeeping, because you've used a program or bit of memory for the first time in a while or because you've closed a program.

If it becomes too intrusive, it's time to increase system memory - you need 512 MB as a minimum or 1024 MB with XP.



  spuds 14:37 11 Aug 2006

for the quick response, much appreciated.

All seems very simple and logical now, regarding memory, restores and schedule time settings. The computer as now returned to normality, so I assume the computer was doing a spring clean.

Thanks again everyone for your kind responses. Will tick as resolved.

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