Hard Drive Volume - How loud should it be?

  OwenLotts 15:50 01 Oct 2004

I have an old PC and when my PC accesses the Hard Drive it makes tiny small clicking sounds - always has done.

My mate has bought a new HP PC and when it accesses the disk it sounds like someone is tapping their fingers on the inside of the case (sounds like rain on a plastic window) The noise occurs in time with the Hard Drive light.

He says its always been like that and it doesn't seem to affect the PC - i think its worrying. Should he take it back to be checked / replaced under warranty (whilst it lasts)? Or is it nothing? I thought all modern drives were near silent (at least another friends is)

  QuickHare 15:54 01 Oct 2004

Different harddrives produce different sounds, but the louder it becomes, the closer it is to pushing up the daisies.

This one does sound like it could be having trouble, but then without being there, hardly anyone would be able to tell. If I were you, ask someone in the shop or over the tlephone about it, then send it back for a bit of a checkup. If it's out of warranty, now might be a good time to ask a friend for their opinion before buying a new hard-drive just in case.

  OwenLotts 15:57 01 Oct 2004

Cheers. Its in warranty so he can take it back. I think that'll be best because i work with a lot of PCs and have never heard anything like this before. Esp on a 6 month old PC.

  OwenLotts 15:58 01 Oct 2004

BTW Idling it makes no noise. Only on read / write access....

  OwenLotts 12:52 02 Oct 2004

Going back to shop...

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