Hard drive transfer in laptop

  jerica 12:37 26 Oct 2018

Hi, I've got a laptop that the hinge has broken on, I've been given the same laptop by a friend as a spare, can I just swap out the hard drive without losing any info? Thanks.

  john bunyan 13:36 26 Oct 2018

No, the operating system ( Windows) “knows” which PC it was installed on. You could copy all your data such as Word, Pictures, Music , spreadsheets etc to a flash or USB Hard Drive and put all that on your friends PC

  john bunyan 13:38 26 Oct 2018

PS Wait for other answers . Has the spare PC got Windows on it?

  jerica 16:20 26 Oct 2018

Ta for responding. First of all I've only just realised what I put in the title, no idea what a harry drive is. The other pc has win 8 on it, whereas the broken one has win 10.

  john bunyan 16:36 26 Oct 2018

A local repair guy might be able to swap a hinge . A relative had a similar problem. Not sure how much but maybe less than £50? What is the make and model? Do wait for more input.

  Forum Editor 16:38 26 Oct 2018

"First of all I've only just realised what I put in the title, no idea what a harry drive is."

Perhaps you had royalty on your mind. I've edited the title to correct the typo.

The hinge replacement option is worth pursuing - depending on the make and model it may be a worthwhile cost.

Otherwise, do as suggested, and transfer files from one machine to the other using a USB stick.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 26 Oct 2018

Before transferring files make a new account in your name (same as the old laptop account name) on the new laptop and check that the account works OK.

You can then delete your friends account to save space.

This will save problems with ownership of files.

As for swapping drives if the specs are exactly the same it should work - if it was an upgrade from 7 or 8 to 10 then number is stored on MS servers if 10 was shipped as new with the laptop make sure ou can get the number off the sticker (and keep it safe somewhere incase you need to reinstall windows at anytime

  jerica 09:58 27 Oct 2018

Thanks for the feedback. The problem is the hinge attachments that are moulded into the plastic are snapped and are unrepairable. The original hd has been upgraded to win10 when it was free to do so. The make and model are the same but I will have a good look at the specs.

  john bunyan 11:49 27 Oct 2018

Yes , in my relatives case the repair man dissembled the laptop to use the case with hinge,or the lid, I don’t recall which. Fruit Bat advice worth following.

  jerica 12:14 27 Oct 2018

I always listen to fruitbat.

  rdave13 19:00 27 Oct 2018

First stumbling block is it isn't easy to get to the hard drive in a modern laptop. Usually it's a case of removing the whole back of the laptop's case to get to the hard drive. Possible damage can occur if you do not follow specific instructions on how to.

So, if you can boot to the Win 10 laptop with the damaged hinge, download and install Macrium free, create the rescue medium, and create an image on an external USB hard drive. Do the same with the Windows 8.1 laptop and create an image on an external USB hard drive.

Now on the 8.1 laptop connect your external USB drive before booting. Boot up the laptop and install the DVD Macrium rescue disk, if you have used this medium, for recovery. Press and hold the power button to shut down. Boot up and select any key to boot from the DVD. If you've used a flash drive as recovery medium it should auto boot from it. Once on the recovery window select the Windows 10 image from your external drive's Macrium image and select restore. If it works then great, if it doesn't then you will still have two images you can restore to. Windows 10 might verify on the 8.1 as you use the same Microsoft email on Win 10 that the image will use.

Good luck anyway :)

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